Will the Chimp board work with the ps3 madcatz SE stick?

been looking all over the forums and mostly only see 360 madcatz SE/TE being done:shake:. just trying to find out if i should order it or not because i want to have a arcade stick that work with ps3/360.

To answer your question in literal terms, yes it would work.

The real question is why would you want to do it? I believe you are mistaken with what the ChImp board is. The ChImp is a combination of two past pcbs that Toodles made with additional features. PS3 Cthulhu (ps3 pcb) and the Imp board (pcb that acts as a switch).

What the ChImp does is add PS3 compatibility as well as automatically detect what system it’s being plugged into and automatically selecting which pcb to power up. In your case using a ChImp with a PS3 stick would be meaningless, that’s the reason why people mod the 360 stick.

Your option for dual modding your stick requires you to purchase a common ground xbox 360 pcb and an imp (or external switch). There’s a guide for it (PS3 TE dual mod) somewhere on these forums.