Will the comics continue to SF3 and beyond?

I at least hope for comics about SF3, it NEEDS it. SF3 doesn’t receive as much attention as it deserves in terms of manga anime and comics.

What about the possibility of the comics taking us into the realm of POST-SF3, possibly SF4.

The comic will cover SF3. It’s been said by Studio Udon a bunch of times here and in interviews and stuff. Soon as they wrap up the SF2 Tourney.

Don’t know about the beyond part though.

There seems to a small meagre connection with SF 2 and 3 with characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun LI and Akuma so I think Sano’s right.

As for SF 4 cynics, I say to them bare in mind the fact that Capcom has released SF Alpha 3 Max this year shows that the SF legacy is not coming to a holt.

i know UDON is tenaciously sticking to the canon and the games, so do you think they will drop all the Alpha (bye bye Birdie) and SF2 (bye bye cammy) characters once SF3 comes around?

that would also mean that for the New Challengers/Generation whatever and Double Impact sagas there would be no Chun or other characters in TS… ofcourse, with SF2, UDON went straight into Super Turbo running right past World Warriors and Championship etc etc… I would definitely like this, although I understand how keeping some VERY popular characters would be important in keeping some readers… hopefully this won’t be the case…

On the subject any idea why Diamond is starting to take orders for Street Fighter III #0? A nice cock up on their behalf.

Because those games are all the same story – Super Turbo is simply the “final draft.”


What I would like to see is some cameos or hints that other characters are involved. Maybe ryu and ken can go visit metro city. Showing some final fight characters

I think some popular SF2 characters might still be shown. Maybe they will introduce Alex by having him beat Balrog like in the secret files? They might do things like that.
I’d like to see Dan try to enter both the SF2 and SF3 tournies and not get in.

It will be interesting to see what kind of story they can create to bridge the gap between SF2 and SF3. How many years is the gap between tournaments?

Also of interest is how to create the scenario of the old Street Fighters not coming back for SF3. Some of them were sworn to fight evil (Guy for example - Gill is considered a “bad guy” isn’t he?), so why will they not be competing in SF3. =p

Since this is UDON’s take on the story, it would be cool to see a little twist on the original SF3 story.

Oooh, and the shift of focus moving from Ryu to Alex =] (Alex is the main character of SF3 isn’t he? - beh… i don’t know… =p)

I doubt SFII character will stop showing up when SFIII rolls around. Alpha characters haven’t vanished from SFII.

I hope they do go beyond SFIII, and try to do some kinda SFIV thing. Might inspire Capcom to actually make the game if they like what they see.

Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather the SF3 comic featured no one that wasn’t in the 3 SF3 games. The cast of SF2 and Zero/Alpha have gotten plenty of exposure in the SF2 and Zero/Alpha comics, various mangas, animes, the terrible live action movie, etc. The SF3 cast really doesn’t have that much exposure, some crappy HK comics, Ryu Final that didn’t have every character in SF3 and that’s it… The more time Udon dedicates to SF3 characters and fleshes them out maybe it will get people to like them more so that people won’t miss the rest of the SF characters. Of my understanding unless something changed, they are only going to spend one year on SF3, there’s no time to spend on E.Honda here, even if SF3 lasts 2 years I still feel any focus on non SF3 characters is just going to take time away from the SF3 cast.

I hate dream matches too, matches that we ourselves can’t have in the games. The comic has only done this once so far with Gen vs. Geki, but that turned out pretty cool since Geki died, death is groovy…(the remainders of the SF1 cast who didn’t graduate to Zero/Alpha is exempt from this since in SF1 they can only fight Ryu and that’s it, plus the comic skipped SF1, and SF1 has even less exposure than SF3 believe it or not…). I sure don’t want to see Remy vs. Guile if I can’t have this match myself in any game. Though I suppose with Yun, Alex, Urien, and Hugo showing up in crossovers, I guess they can get creative, have them match up with others who they can fight in crossovers, I technically can’t complain about that…

Not the popular opinion I suppose and maybe Udon can’t get away with getting rid of the previous casts. They at least have Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Gouki/Akuma and Yun and Yang who they introduced already to play around with. I just pray that Cammy will not show up in every other issue of the SF3 arc…

I agree with Sano on this one…

I also think it’s a good idea to keep it close to the official story, but I’m still highly interested to see why the oldies don’t come back (being killed off is one scenario - though not so popular with the fan base of that character =p).

Oh yeah. Something I’m wondering. When does Ryu seal away the Satsui No Hadou within himself? :slight_smile:

In the comic SF3 is going to be fairly close to SF2, timewise. Which is a great idea. I think they should show just a little of the past characters, but of course focus on the newcomers.
And yeah, it would be cool if they went further than SF3…

He stops using it after his ending in SFZ/A 3, where he was struggling against it, but didn’t give into it. Don’t think he ever will in the storyline games. After this long period of not giving into it, it would be the storyline equivalent of Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin becoming the Hitokiri Battosai and fighting his son Kenji, or Luke Skywalker turning to the Dark Side and attacking Han and Leia’s kids. Just rehash, kind of, too late for all that methinks since he only gave into it fully long enough to scar Sagat and that’s it, and by the time of SF3 that’s already a long time ago. Just my 2 cents.

Most of them probably don’t come back because they have no reason to. Chun avenged her father, Ken and Guile are happily married, Blanka found his mom and living happily ever after, T. Hawk went back home to rebuild his homeland, etc. You can pretty much tack on “happily ever after” to nearly every Street Fighter 2 ending besides a select few. Not that Capcom can’t make up new reasons to give them reason to come back though, of course (in the case of Chun-Li and Ken). They assumedly just don’t want to.

I think it would be cool, if they are gonna follow up on characters in comics set well past street fighter 3, that they reference current available info.

For example, for those who played final fight sw, you’d know that Guy has sorta put the bushin aside and went on to be an underworld yakuza dude and that cody after time in and out of prison eventually injured himself into retirement.

Additionally we know that after the demise of shadoloo Balrog went back to tournament fighting losing to alex and that Cammy, after Bison was gone, left Delta Red and Shadoloo behind her and went on to live a life as a normal girl in England and now appears to be a Kate Moss esc super model.

i hope they don’t get sf3 reference from the Hong Kong sf3 comic version as ideas .

my brain will burst .

Don’t hold your breath for the SF3 comic. At the rate that Udon has been releasing their book, we won’t see that line come up till another 2-3 years.

I’ve been wondering for quite a while now (like way back when this thread was still active), is the crossover Capcom vs. SNK (no matter if it’s considered canon or non-canon) supposed to take place after SF3? I ask this because the game’s theme focuses on it being a millennium event and I figured SF3 still took place in the late 90s. (However it’s quite noticable that some characters haven’t aged much in CVS. So it’s likely not canon.)

Anyway, to my real question: is it possible for Udon to get into that side-story when they reach the end of SF3 (unless, of course, some miraculous event occurs and actually furthers the main plot of the SF storyline :confused: )? I think it’d be interesting to see how the characters would interact in Udon’s issues.