Will the Hori VLX fit inside a Qanba Defender backpack?


Just wondering if anybody knows if the VLX will fit inside of a Qanba Defender.



The Hori VLX is a heck of a big joystick. It’s at least 1.4 times the size of a regular HRAP or Mad Catz TE joystick.


For sure, but the size from front to back is around the same size as a TE. It looks like it would fit from what I can tell from the eventhubs review video.


I searched all over for an aswer to this question, but I couldn’t find a concrete answer. But I didn’t feel safe buying one to test it out because I haven’t heard good things about Qanba’s customer service department… So when I saw it on Amazon for $70ppd (even cheaper than directly from Qanba), I decided to give it a shot. Here’s what I found:



As you can see, it fits! Although it’s a snug fit, it still works. The VLX is a little too big to be fully protected by the Defender’s padding though…




The top flap does have some padding on it so the corners of VLX are protected (just barely!) And there is also two layers of fabric from the backpack for the most part, but there is one small problem area. The middle strip–the one above the orange stitching is very thin and the only layer covering the stick. I am afraid the stick could get some scratches/dents there…


It’s obvious that the Defender was not made for the VLX, but it’s just big enough to be a substitute for the now extremely hard to find VLX bag by Hori. Overall, I’m happy to finally have a bag for my VLX and not have to lug it around all over tournaments. Not only was it heavy, but I kept bumping into stuff! Now it’s safe for the most part and won’t get in the way.

I hope this was helpful to my fellow VLX owners!

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Good to know there’s another option for VLX owners. I’ve got the Hori VLX bag and to be honest, aside from being the proper size, it’s not a very good bag. Barely any padding at all.