Will the next shipment of Madcatz SE sticks still have the same problems?


I looked around, but I didn’t see this being discussed anywhere.

Anyway, I finally scraped up enough cash to get a standard edition stick but I might just wait till I save up for a TE if the problems persist. Did Madcatz say anything on whether they will address the whole washer problem or not? I’d like to get a stick that works perfectly out of the box and not void the warranty trying to fix it.

Is it likely that the next batch will come problem free? And is there any word on when we’ll be seeing more of these sticks available?

Thanks in advance, sorry if this is a repeat thread (I did search).


better question! When will madcatz make a mass production of these SE and TE sticks available to normal retailers so we can stop getting screwed over by people trying to make a profit?!


It’s hard to say, to fix the washer problem, they’d change their manufacturing process slightly to add an extra step at least to secure the washer. Is Madcatz willing to spend that overhead when so many idiots are falling over each other trying to buy this stick even it’s defect? Only Madcatz knows.

More importantly, you gotta consider, is the washer problem the one and only problem? What about the tons of other people reporting turbo function/guide buttons/normal playing buttons not working only after weeks or months? Are you going to be ok with taking that chance?

Would you expect a company that try their hardest to skimp on quality of the products they put out to all of a sudden turn a new leaf in the next production run and turn out a top product that you can purchase with peace of mind?

Answer these questions for yourself and you’ll know.


They’re already doing that. It just takes a while to build these sticks you see, and on top of that they’re still filling backorders.


The washer was never meant to be ‘glued down’, however it isn’t meant to move out of the socket. The washer moves in every stick, however Madcatz just didn’t make a part with enough quality to have it work entirely how it’s supposed to.

Supposedly they said the only issue was that the sharp size of the washer was facing the PCB instead of the other way around – honestly I didn’t *feel *a difference, but my washer was greesed up so maybe that’s why.


divertiti, I know about the other problems. The buttons are easily replaceable and I plan to swap them later on anyway. Even the PCB can die, though that’s not as common. The stick is the main problem. As far as I know, a standard stick with a fixed washer is about the same as a Sanwa JLF, so I’d rather get it fixed than switch it.

Hmm… guess it’ll be a good while to we see these in stock again. :confused:

I’m still hoping they’re not as craptacular as the past shipments.


damn you just took the words out of my fingers.


This is also what I heard from a lot of people on this board. Long story short, they seemed to be full of it.

Not sure if these people were simply talking without experience, or just feeling slighted and wanted to lie to make themselves feel better, but the stock Madcatz SE stick will never, and can never, be ‘about the same’ as a Sanwa JLF. There are far too many differences that matter:

  1. Switches are of bad quality, they squeak and have uneven throws (atleast mine does, the left switch will press in, then press in deeper with slightly more pressure).
  2. PCB is of bad quality. It flexes under the pressure of the Gate, and potentially when you hit the switches hard.
  3. Spring is of bad quality. It crunches.
  4. Washer needs to be ‘glued down’ in most cases. Any amount of glue that hardens around the washer affects performance. The washer is less than 1mm thick, with it’s hole being less than 1 mm thick – you’d have to dab super glue with your finger to prevent it from spilling over.

#1-3 are absolutely vital to a stick’s feel. None of these things are fixed with the ‘washer’ fix. Coming from a guy who actually loves Hori Parts, the Sanwa SE felt horrible in comparison, and I never even had the washer problem.


I see. Looks like there’s no reason to get the SE if I’m not gonna mod it to full Sanwa. Thanks for the info. I better save up for parts then.

Still, it sucks to have to void the warranty right after purchasing a stick. :confused:


If you want to practice on a stick, the SE is fine. By no means should you have to get a Sanwa or your gameplay will suffer – the only thing is i’m a literal person, and direct comparisons are something of importance.

While you will never achieve Sanwa performance, that doesn’t mean you are stuck with something that doesn’t perform entirely. I’d say, if you get used to a crappy stick, you will play well in public. The fewer the crutches the better.


I just got a SE stick yesterday brand new from gamestop opened it up due to a squeaky sound, but i did find my washer loose


actually the SE stick is pretty decent, i mean i can feel the serious difference with the JLF I have now, but the joystick gave me no problem even with guilty gear combos in my DC emus and on my 360.

the switches and spring aren’t that great, so it’s loose and doesn’t feel amazing, but it still feels better than post IL happ parts. not sure if that’s saying much!

the buttons are the major weakness. if your joystick doesn’t cannibalize itself, you’re set to upgrade to a different stick when you’re ready and the JLF isn’t rarer than gold.


I am patiently waiting for restock on the SF 4 TE sticks. I want one. I have a SE stick but I wish it was a tad bit longer. As I am resting it on my thighs they kinda ache from pain because the edges sit right in the middle on my thigh area. I hope I can get one once they are restocked… don’t want to pay $200 bucks for one.


Sounds dumb, but try a TV tray – it’s what I used before rearranging my desk around. The grips at the bottom of the stick will grip to the tray, and the tray is flat on your legs. I know, I know, an added cost and more trouble… but these things weren’t meant to be played on your laps anyways so I figure if you’re going to play that way, do it in a comfortable way no? :smiley:


I do fine playing lap, infact it almost seems like the SE was made for it… O_o


will using the original stick until it breaks harm the rest of the parts? in other words, can i use the se stick until the joystick breaks because of the washer or whatever being loose - and then subsequently drop in a sanwa stick.


i had my SE stick for approx a week now…and i dont have th eproblem w/ the stick getting stuck in a direction… havent opened it up to check for loose washers yet…but so far, so good for my first stick ever…sanwa JLF + buttons were ordered though.


After a month and a half of using my SE 2 of the buttons died, it didn’t appear to have the early batch issues as it lasted a while with heavy usage and had no problems but I wouldn’t recommend buying one as I doubt they will last all that long…

Got Sanwa parts in there now, only get one if you intend on replacing the parts imo.


Ah, yeah I’m sure it’s not too bad – but i’m pretty literal so I suppose I’d have to simply say it wasn’t ‘made’ to do so because of the rubber bumpers on the bottom, as well as the semi-sharp edges. The bumpers CAN be taken off however, but the sharp edges will require filing. I was playing with the SE and i did get knicked sliding it off my lap.

I did however read your post about how the slant really eases your wrist during lap play – I can’t agree more :lovin:. That is a very accurate statement, and anyone who plans to use this stick as a lap stick will be more than 100% satisfied with it’s design, weight, and overall layout.

Personally I prefer putting it on a larger flat piece of plastic (TV tray) so that it slides uniformly and not at an angle (because you push on the stick horizontally while you push the buttons vertically, there is no outward momentum towards the right). Table to me is best though.


i bought one yesterday and was trying it out. found a problem where hard kick and the 3 kick button (forget what that is) doesn’t respond. if i unplug the stick from the 360 and reconnect it, it’ll work for a while. ugh. anyone else have this problem?