Will the PS4 version of SFV support keyboards?

Title. I have a mechanical keyboard Steelseries 6gv2 which is recognized perfectly by the ps4 (in menús). Will it work with SFV? Is there any information about (both confirming it or not)?

If they plan to join pc and ps4 community it will make sense to support keyboard since if not in tournaments PC players will be discriminated, giving the fact that tournments will be played in ps4.

I doubt it. Keyboards aren’t really a thing in the fighting game community.

If you like that style of control, get a hitbox.

They’re not really a thing in the console community in general. It’s not like there’s a slew of people who play video games on keyboard on console.

Getting a hit box sounds like a good idea. Otherwise you won’t be able to play offline without having to ask people to set up a PC version and tourneys are most likely going to be Sony standard for the duration of the game. Especially anything CapcomCup centric.

Yea the only game that I know of that has a large keyboard and mouse userbase on ps4 is FF14, even then the majority of users I know still play with controller.

I wouldn’t bank on keyboard support, I’ll echo previous advice, get a hitbox.


You can try to find a converter or have someone make one for you.