Will the SE guide fit in the TE case?

will the SE guide and turbo button fit on a TE-S case?

Theoretically yes, the guide plastic fits with in the same dimensions.
are you just replacing the guide area plastic, the guide board, or both the guide board and main PCB?

Just the plastic not PCB

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i always thought some of the madcatz parts were “universal” among each other.

on a somewhat related note, i saw a te-s at evo that had the guide/turbo panel mounted on the side. it looks easy to figure out how to do, but does anyone have a link that shows how thats done? thanks.

tc, sorry for being completely useless and also somewhat hijacking the thread lol.

The Madcatz BrawlStick turbo panel is actually taller than the other turbo panels. You can put it in a TE, but it will not sit flush like the stock panel.

As for the TE-S panel, I saw that TE-S at Evo. I thought it was cool, because I never liked having a turbo panel cut into my artwork. Would not be hard to do. Just cut out a hole matching the size of the the Turbo panel in the side, get an artwork/plexi replacement with the turbo panel not cut, and then unscrew and rescrew into the hole you cut in the side. No need to unplug anything, just leave it all plugged in. As for an explicit guide? I don’t think there are many of those.

thnx nerrage, seemed pretty straightforward just making sure. sorry again dailomac lol.

You have to do some rigging if you want to use just the plastic its best to use the daughter board from the SE everything is longer buttons and the two selector switches. I tried it a while ago with just the SE plastic with a TE turbo board and you have to do some cutting to make it fit. I really did not like the way it turned out

i just tryed and it didnt fit right… so yea…