Will the street fighter cast be young during any alpha story parts in the comic?

**see per my understanding the alpha story was a prequal. an in issue # 2, during the fight between chun li and cammy, chun was wearing her alpha outfit(the fly ass blue & yellow puma outfit). so that got me thinking. will the all alpha based stories have younger streetfighters in them?

if this is true does this make cody & guy older then ryu & ken?
and how old is sakura really?

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Aren’t Guy and Ryu like childhood friends, according to some Alpha artwork? That sounds like they’d be close together in age.

These are the years those characters were supposedly born

Cody = 1965
Guy = 1963
Sakura = 1974

**i think you mis understood why i’m asking that. cody & guy, didn’t appear in the sf games untill the alpha series. now the alpha series originally was supposte to be the past of street fighter, before sf2. so, if they are in the alpha series as adults shouldn’t they be older then ryu and ken. and even more on this, if that is true then why is hugo in third strike?

these are the kinds questions that i’m waiting for the comic to clear up for me.

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This is the official timeline from Capcom, some is speculation though, but if you had to put a timeline together this is how it would HAVE to look.

Slam masters/Muscle Bomber (Haggar was a wrestler.)
Slam Masters 2: Ring of Destruction (Haggar is still a wrestler)
Street Fighter/Final Fight (1987: Haggar is now the Mayor.)
Final Fight Revenge (Seems to fit here. Epilogue to Final Fight. Also may not be canon)
Final Fight 2/Street Fighter Alpha 1&2 (1988: Guy wasn’t in FF2 because he was training and chasing down Bison.)
Rival Schools (possibly. Hard to figure out exactly where this fits, but this seems most likely due to Sakura being Highschool age as well as having met Ryu, already)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1990)
Rival Schools 2 (This could take place shortly before, during, or shortly after SFA3. Doesn’t matter either way since there aren’t any characters/events related to other Street Fighter games here)
Final Fight 3 (1991 is most likely)
Street Fighter 2 series (1993)
Street Fighter 3 New Generation and SF3 Double Impact (1998. Double Impact replaces New Generation)
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (Probably 1998, and possibly 1999. This is SF3DI’s epilogue)

There’s a couple of references in game that 3S takes place exactly one year after 2I. Those years seem right though, since those were the release years for the games (I know for certain that I was playing 3S in '99, at least).