Will the Ultra changes really help much?



All these changes don’t seem like a big deal to me. But, maybe I’ve just been spoiled rotten by Super Guile. laments while shedding a tear


The way I look at it, all the changes put Guile 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Almost everything related to landing damage as well as evading it has been enhanced but when he DOES get hit, it’s more painful than before. Overall he is stronger than 2012 Guile if only by a small margin.


Do you think he will drop or ascend on the tier list?

I feel like the nerfs were uncalled for. He’s good at keeping people away but he also gets bullied easily when he gets rushed down.


Personally I think he’ll stay pretty much where he is now but I’m just a scrub and the game isn’t even out.

Health nerf is unwarranted when we already take CH dmg for boom. One or the other but not both. I think Combofiend is right in that Guile is extremely difficult to approach at the highest level but for most people it’s damn near impossible to play perfectly for such a sustained period.


I think so too. He’s not going to budge.

Buffs are a mixed bag. I appreciate being able to GHK on crumple; he’s going to be a better punisher for sure. I think they are trying to make Guile less of a turtle. I was hoping for fast U2, 15 meter per boom, auto correcting U1, fixed hurtbox and that’s it. Maybe that’s asking too much though.

I get the reasoning for the nerfs, but for a character that’s pretty dead-middle tier, it’s odd that they gave him nerfs at all. When he started listing nerfs I thought he was going to say something drastic like Boom has more recovery or something. Capcom obviously doesn’t want Guile to be strong again. :confused:


Being able to reliably do Cr.Lp > Cr.Lp > Cr.Mp > Flash kick big damage in combos is a big gain for Guile. Makes him more offensive. A simple 2 frame link is nothing. He is going to move up in tier list.


Guile’s neutral game is worse in ultra due to the health nerf and the counter hit booms. Health nerf makes his worst matches against vortext/ToD types that much worse.

I don’t know what Cpcom saw in Arcade ultra to scare them this much but really doubt these nerfs were needed.


While it is a good buff… honestly decent Guile’s already do that link consistently and it’s not actually huge damage since most of the time the Flash Kick doesn’t hit deep so I doubt that specific combo being made easier is going to affect his tier standing much. :stuck_out_tongue:


Like Ahgama says… I’ve gotten to the point where, with plinking of course, I can do the combo pretty consistently…

I see a pattern in his buffs, most of them seem to make certain attacks/combos more consistent with better hitboxes, more frame advantage etc.

Health nerf came clear out of nowhere and I’m still baffled by it… I’m hoping there will be a patch like with AE where they revert that. Just makes his bad matchups worse.