Will the Xbox 360 and PS3 take fighting games into greatness?

I said “will” because these consoles have a lot of power, thus a lot of potential. Do you think we’ll be seeing some truly great fighting games on them, or will there just be an advancement in graphics?

Personally I doubt it. The future of fighting games isn’t bright. Even online play which was supposed to replace arcades doesn’t quite work for fighters.

I see fighting games in the future becoming more and more superficial ala MK Deception. They will focus on all the extras and puff up the game, ignoring completely the core of what makes a fighting game.

Capcom and SNK need to get back on their feet and dominate the arena instead of crap like MK, Tekken and DOA.

I don’t think so. I can’t think of any PS3/360 specs that would make fighting games so better than in the current generation. Other than graphics and the roster size. Unless these new consoles will somehow improve the online connections to end lag.

The only next gen fighters I am excited about are SF4 and the next gen update of T5.

EDIT: If we are lucky, Nintendo will allow 3rd party retro-support on the Revolution.

Connection between two systems have nothing to do with the power of the consoles. There will ALWAYS BE LAG, a lot of times in other games, it’s just not noticible to the human eye. Close thread.

kill lag. Then fighting games will reign supreme. Or just move to jap or hk.

I am aware.


nah. but i find it funny how 70% of gamers dont even consider nintendo when thinking about the next gen consoles lol… i dont really care for nintendo… but they arent completly out of the picture lol

Fighting games’ time is pass. Now it’s open ended gaming that GTA started with.

I still love fighters, but the fact being…unless game comps SHAPE THE FUCK UP and actually make a game worth playing other than just a glorified graphical demo, next gen systems will not take fighters up to the next level. It’ll just prolong the inevitable slow death of fighters.

Of course I do realize that games like MK: Annhilation sold like 4 million copies, but I fail to see how that encourages scene beyond REMEMBERING THEM FATALITIES MOVES.


@Orange Cat

Surely you mean MK Deception? (Or Deadly Alliance they both sold a bazillion copies)


F Off.

Whenever a new fighting game comes out that mentions “interactive backgrounds” it’s almost a guarantee it will suck, and maybe have a 10% chance of being a good brawler free for all like Power Stone. I remember people defending Rise of the Imperfects before we knew much about it and look what thats become. Newer more powerful systems will most likely result in newer more powerful crappy fighters witht he occasional Tekken or the quickly becoming so-so SC thrown in. I was just reading that Ed Boon announced the new MK fighting game will make use of techniques never before seen in a fighting game, sounds good at first, but why do I smell yet another recipe for disaster. :xeye:

Because those techniques won’t save 3D MK’s broken base engine and/or they’ll be bad ideas.

I like MK, and think that it would have potential on the next gen systems, but Boon will probably slack with or waste that much power.

I realize that my question is a bit vague though. Why don’t you guys define in your heads what makes a great fighting game, and ask yourselves if that’ll be possible/easier on the next gen systems?

I can’t really see much potential for advancements in fighting games that would require more powerful hardware to achieve - you can add new and different systems, gameplay mechanics etc, but I can’t imagine any mechanic so revolutionary that it would necessitate hardware as powerful as the next gen systems, and yet still be considered a pure fighting game. The fighting game formula is pretty restrictive really, and needs to be if you want a good competitive game - that, as I said, still counts as a fighter. Advancements are more likely to be made in the Virtual On-style, but not many devs really seem interested in advancing that concept to its full potential, which is a shame.

a great fighting game = ggxx in JP or HK :clap: . Fighting game is about competition. Places of great competition is placces where the arcades are still round and about. Ppl buy fighting games for consoles are usually to practice so they can compete with the ppl in the arcades. Nothin’ beats having a crowd of 20 around, waiting to get their ass handed by you in the arcades.

Edit: has nothin’ to do with generation of console. However, I wouldn’t mind playin’ a virtual on ONLINE game though in the new consoles. Im sure they won’t be able to deal with lag issues in actual fighters, but i think they can deal with virtual on type games. ^o^ that would be awesome

Eh it won’t hurt series like DOA and Tekken, or Soul Calibur, or any 3D fighter, it may make them better.

Also while there will always be lag, it depends on how the machines handle netcode about how much it’ll effect the game. (AKA ZSNES netplay versus Kaillera) If you could serve the games yourself, and have someone connect to you, it would be possible to have extremely low pings with people in your area.

So I think fighting games will be helped in the 3D department, where DOA can woo more fans with graphics, and Soul Calibur and Tekken can try some different stuff, but there really isn’t anything 2D that couldn’t be done on current hardware.

Consoles need to keep advancing the graphics to make more money. If you notice when they first come out, the graphics keep getting better till the day they die. Once companys can’t get anything more out of that console, they develop a new one to keep those graphics getting better. Keeping the money rolling in.

People like us though don’t realy look to the graphics in order for it to be a good game. We look at how well put together and balanced it is, how deep it goes and how far we can push it.

I think the new consoles will make the graphics of 2D better seeing as it should be better than watching a manga by now. But it doesn’t mean any better fighters will apear.

Just my opinion.

My opinion: No. They were as high as they were going to get between 1996 and 2000. They’ve been headed downhill since then.


Very accurate. I think if SF3 was an instant success, the life of fighters might’ve increased a few more years but it is going downhill. I am a firm believer in peaks and valleys though. If fighting games are at a low point now, then we better look forward to the inevitable peak in the future.

I agree with you…maybe they just need to wipe the boards clean and reinvent the engine like they did when SF3 came out…Remeber how you felt when you saw the animations and how fluid moves where…you spent more time looking at the animation at first before really getting into the game. In my opinion i think they should do that again wipe the SF3 enigne clean and build again using the capabilites of these systems to make it better. Correct me if i’m wrong but we all thought fighting games couldn’t better and we’ve been proved wrong with the Alpha series, some VS titles, the EX series and even SF3. So who knows maybe they can surprise us with these next gen systems…maybe

P.S for the guy who said don’t forget about about nintendo…i’m not hating on the big ‘N’ but have you seen a capcom fighting game on a Nintendo system, that was good, since the SNES? maybe that will change too…DC 2006 needs to come out and blow the comp away…lol…lol…lol :encore:

OrangeCat’s AV == teh win.
I don’t think the newest systems are going to be a big factor in the future of 2d. That will all depend on fanbase. All they can do is host the game for me to play with some people since arcades around me are crap.
Though, I’m going to enjoy running PS1/DC RPGs and whatnot on the next-gen systems via emulators. Maybe even play some PS1 fighters (JoJo with the story mode)

i think in the next step there wont be any small lobbies but instead massive worlds like in shenmue, where u have to go around town to look for fights, and where u can actually hold underground fights and bet on em etc

thats like a huge step but even making a lobby like in DOAU but ur charcter is actually there watching the fight, e.g king of fighters, it probably werent possible on xbox but it is possible on this

the future will enable you to create dojo’s and enter huge tornaments that can be watched even on tv

i think a MMORPG soul calibur would be good dont you agree?

its a silly question ofcourse fighting games will improve, it all comes down to the capacity of your imagination for you to realise it and from what we’ve already had its easy to see