Will there be a new guide for SSF AE 2012?

I I was going to pick up the Prima Official Game Guide but figure it will be useless when 2012 comes on the 13th. So will does any one know if there will be a new guide coming out?

And how come Brady Games, Dont make a guide for SSF Ae?

Probably not. The answer to both questions is because the Western market for such a thing just isn’t big enough.

Of course, its called the internet.

The Prima Guide is pretty bleh anyway. And there was no AE guide so you’ll be two versions behind if you did so.
The internet is a much better bet.

I bought the Japanese mook for AE and it’s awesome… if you understand Japanese. Maybe there will be a new one for 2012… usually Arcadia magazine publishes all these things

You bet Arcadia Magazine will pump out another AE mook. Paid good money for things I cannot read.