Will there be a new MCZ Fight Stick for USF4?


What do you think? Would you buy it? Been trying to find information on this but maybe it’s too early to find any.


I don’t see Madcatz skipping out on the chance to make more money. Not something I’m interested in getting, though. Perfectly happy with my SCV stick.


If it’s the TE-S design, I’ll probably buy it. I love my TE and all, but the side panels just ruin it for me. Makes it so much clunkier than it needs to be


You should probably ask Markman at the Tech Talk section…


Just talk to MarkMan. He’d know best.

Either way, I don’t see why he WOULDN’T want to put out a new product in time for the USF4 release. It’s a great way to capitalize on a new update’s release with more people wanting to buy sticks.


I think the question would be - will they be releasing a PS4 one with it? (I assume USF4 is out on next gen as well?)


Capcom’s only announced PS3/360/PC. No next gen thusfar.