Will there be a New TE2 or maybe even a TE3 for the release of Street Fighter 5


Are there any rumors if the SF5 Title will get a totaly new Fightstick or only aTE2 Faceplate? anything at all ?


I havnt heard any official announcements or anything but i’d be surprised if they didn’t. My guess is it will be one of the new TE-S designs they’ve been teasing but if not that, just another TE2


@MarkMan himself said Mad Catz will have an entire line of SFV fightsticks and fightpads. In fact,this was just announced yesterday @ SDCC



so its still the TE2 and nothing exiting new^^ well its a good stick so its okay but i would be happier with something new and improved


The TE2 is the new and improved, haha. The SFV line will just be the TE2 with various SFV character themes and colored parts


There is this white TE2 from E3, if only MarkMan could tell when this will be out.



It won’t be out as he said in his twitter it was just printed art and white sides, not an official SFV product.