Will there be an EVO winner for more than one game this year?

There have been a few players that have come close to winning more than one official game at EVO, but only Daigo (2 in 2003, & 2004, both ST and GGXX) and John Choi (2 in 2008, CvS2 and ST) have won more than one game at an EVO event, and not since Alex Valle in the late 90s and early 00s has there been a winner of more than 2 events at a national tournament (the B series, pre-EVO). While there are players that definitely have a good shot at winning more than one event, there is a lot more competition now than back then, and with less games, mean less chances to win in multiple games. It can be done, but it is doubtful.

Probably not, not many players place well in the 5 games that we have for evo this year. Not like 5 years ago with justin winning all the games at any non evo event. Can you name 1 person that won a tournament for 1 game on the list and is also dominating another game?

Winner of Tekken will probably be a Tekken specialist or maybe Tokido if he goes this year.
BBCS winner will also probably be a specialist and not enter any other game.
MK9 is too new to really call who’d win or even who’d have a good chance at even placing well.
SSF4 does not have 1 dominate player anymore. From Gamerbee, Vangief, crybaby champ, tokido, wong, marn, daigo so it’d be hard to predict who will win though at least a few of those players tend to play well in other games.
MvC3 is still really new but some of the usual suspects from MvC2 are doing well and do well in SSF4. So most likely if someone were to win 2 games it’d be SSF4 and Marvel. But that really all depends on who wins SSF4. If Vangief or some other SSF4 specialist wins it then you best bet is Tokido taking Tekken, maybe marvel or BB.

The only possible scenario I see is Wong winning both Marvel 3 and SFIV.

For BlazBlue, there doesn’t seem to be much crossover in terms of players, besides Tokido, MK is too new to tell, and the winner probably won’t play anything else. Tekken doesn’t seem to have much crossover, besides Tokido, and Ryry (who doesn’t seem to place too high enough in the big Tekken tournaments).

As both of you said, if there is a chance that someone wins more than one game, it will be between SSF4AE, and MvC3. AE is up in the air as there is no true best player, now, and MvC3 is still developing (I haven’t been keeping up with either game, lately). Wong, and Tokido probably have the best chance to win those 2 games, maybe Daigo if as he said before, that he will take MvC3 seriously, but again, I haven’t been keeping up, much.

Tokido definitely has the best chance of winning at least 3 games, but I don’t see that happening, much less 2, he might not even win one.


wong has a shot at winning any of the three game Street Fighter,MvC3,MK9

yeah I think wong could win mvc3 an mk9 but not AE Iam sorry but I say daigo will take it an also with mvc3 combofiend could win crap there is so many players its hard to tell

Based on what we all have seen, Justin has the best chance. He’s easily the number 1 MvC3 player as of now and in the top of MK9 players. Who knows how he is in AE, Daigo will likely take that with godly Yun.
He’s the only one that is top level in more than one game (that we know of). Chris G is really good at MvC3 and pretty good in MK9 too.

Did you really have to say crybaby champ? I disregard your whole post now.

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Honestly, I think that Justin Wong has a really good chance of taking MK9 and MvC3 this year. He’s been a juggernaut in both of these games to this point. I think Daigo has Street Fighter, though.

Yeah, pretty much the consensus, JWong has a shot at both MK9 and MvC3, only two things really trouble him. One, a lot of other players are starting to get really on with their play in Marvel. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Combofiend usurp him again just like at Final Round.

MK9, his main was nerfed. Sure, KL is still hella strong, but he already lost to PR Rog’s Raiden while KL was at near full power (not pre-patch full though). Considering Raiden barely got touched, it could happen again, or at least to another Raiden.

But yeah, he’s the best shot unless Daigo is REALLY hiding something in Marvel. No one from Tekken or BB:CS is gonna come close to taking anything else, those are reserved for specialists.

Kinda agree with Wong as the strongest choice but it’s marvel and MK, if he does that. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Wong switch characters to be honest, game has been really tumultuous with top players switching around to try and find a solid character choice and learn the matchups with all the patches.

Really Daigo has AE in the bag, short of some really strong gief player doing him in. Difference between SFIV and AE is that I don’t see Yun making it past all matchups like Daigo did with Ryu in super. Gief will be more popular in AE as his matchups are much much better even with all his nerfs.

Tokido is only 3rd person who really even has a shot and it’s Tekken and AE if he does. He’s pretty solid in Tekken but if a top foreigner shows up like Nin than they’ll take it. So Tokido only really has a shot depending on who shows up in Tekken and if some wierd stuff happens in AE.

I’d love to see a rematch of Daigo vs Vangief now.

That’s nice, course if he’d protray himself better we wouldn’t have this issue.

Bitchifino Champ I don’t see getting far because Yun pretty much is the Dhalsim killer it seems in AE.

I’d really love to see a wildcard get really far, and become a new fan favorite much like Vangief or Gamerbee with Zangief and Adon.

Hell, I’d love to see a DeeJay, Makoto, Dan, Cody, Juri, Guy, Fuerte, ect. Make it far.

AE it’s looking like Daigo has it in the bag I mean Wong got eliminated by Future Champ and the only time I’ve ever seen (key word) that dude is when Valle beat him in super at EVO. So unless Vangief plays some gdlk Yun players I don’t see him taking it and Gamerbee has made the semi-jump to Fei Long as well so we might not see much Adon better hope Mike Ross goes as far as he did last year to try and see if he can match up against Daigo.

As for MVC3 I see him coming in and avenging his loss at CEO and maybe against Combofiend, I mean who else is going to take it Noel Brown lol. As for MK it’s a maybe for 1st, top 3 for sure though.

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i cant believe people would seriously reply to threads like this now.

cool question bro.

I think Tokido has a better chance of winning more than one game. It’s hard to say if Wong’s snap in strategy will work against Tokido’s Phoneix, and I think Tokido has a better chance of winning Tekken than Wong has of winning MK. Of course neither of these 2 have a chance of winning AE from Daigo.

Thing is it did and didn’t it help Wong at first but Tokido adjusted and used Wolverine more aggressively taking Wong out of it with not only having to worry about a Phoenix waiting but Wolverine pressuring you as well.

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