Will there be another DvD ? and if so. .


Can we have more then 1 match of the sets ??
like in CvS2 on the Evo dvd there was 1 match from the losers final. . . 1 match for 4th place. . . but in the prelims, there were 2 or 3 matches from each set. . . That was extremely weak imo. …
just a suggestion.


you have to remember that our dvd direct feed footage was ruined last year.


Ya I understand that
I was just saying that it would be better if there were more matches of the finals. Like the full 2 of 3, not just the deciding match of it. Because the prelims had the full 2of3 while the finals didn’t. Maybe the matches were boring, but I dont know, the prelim matches were almost pointless, only good one was combofiend vs INO.


Every match of the finals was on the DVD. Some of the matches were 1(like the CvS2 losers bracket and the end of Marvel)


so tokido and ohnuki had 1match finals ???
wow. . .


Tokido had to fight his way out of the losers bracket to get another set of matches. So he had to win the first set (2/3) and then another which was 2/3. Tokido one 4 straight to win(I think, haven’t watched the dvd in a while) and won. So they played 4 and the dvd showed all four. You musta been watching the wrong dvd.


what about only buying the dvd you want? Are we gonna have to spring for the VF and Tekken footage as well, or can we get only-capcom stuff? Or, only 3s footage, or only marvel footage, etc?


Usually DVDs are printed in the 1000s (at least to be cost effective), so i don’t think it’s reasonable to customize it. The best they could do is make a dvd of each game or set of games (SF,tekken,etc)…


i wanna c alot of marvel and GGXX matches.


I thought they did it very well, covered the right amount of everything, IMO. But lets say you order 2000 dvd’s right, (i have no clue how many you actually sell), but order like another 1000 for a 3rd or even fourth dvd, and sell either a 2 or 4 dvd set, like the 2 dvd set would have the main stuff, but the 4 dvd set would be obviosuly more expensive, and have like more prelims and such, and like add cards or just a little extra sumthin that’s relatively cheap to produce but that woudl add to the DVD, kinda like a box set, but it would be hella expensive, but im sure alot fo the hardcores would buy it.


If the DVD is well put together i’d be more than willing to suport the SF community by buying it…
Question is where can I buy it?


Go to http://www.shoryuken.com (not srk.com/forums).
See the big, blue box on the right margin that says “DVD” at the bottom? Click it. :smiley:


hey a suggestion is…

HAVE MORE FOOTAGE OF MVC2 PLEASE :slight_smile: well at least the more bigger matches please :smiley:


Are all the games going to be represented on a single two-disc DVD set? All from one site (here)?



maybe this time we can get more variety of casual matches or prelims of people we wanted to see play like white knight gandido or anybody from pr in mvsc2 or cvs2


A suggestion for the EVO2k3 DVD

are there going interviews on the EVO2k3 DVD?
if the answer is yes, i hope that the interviews will be done in a more professional and elaborate way…I remember watching the Justin Wong interview where most of the questions were irrelevent(there was a part where he was talking about cofee and i think the interviewed asked him why he came to the tournament? i mean WTF i that question???) the questions seemed to have been thought of during the interview itself…and it was so badly filmed that i could hardly see Justin Wong. Maybe filming it inside would be a better idea…

Just a thought



Is the DVD available only on the internet? or is there any store where I can buy it? I’m asking this because the shipping tax is too high for my country, and someone I know is going to the U.S…
:o (I live in SouthAmerica, very south)


First off, put more than just matches on there, the evo dvd was good but it needed some other stuff. Possibly like full brackets from the beginning, no need to make it fancy but I wanna see you did what in the prelims too. That road to evo vid was a good idea, that would have been cool, but it wasnt on the DVD. Howabout set up on some of the games EXCLUSIVELY for combo exhibitions, and record some of that. interviews would be tight also, as well as player commentary(which I believe you are planning on already). Another suggestion is of course more matches of everything(except CvS2, the games fun to play but Ill poke my eye out with a steak knife before I watch the entire CvS2 footage, its sooooooo boring) but you know that one. Also see what you can do about the cost, $34+shipping for a 2 DVD set w/o extras is pretty weak imo. One last thing, on the evo dvd as far as I know there was no way to go to each match of the finals individually, that hella sucked cause there were times when I wanted to see how Ken played and I wasnt about to set through the rest of the CvS2 finals so Im stuck with my slow 6x ff(I suppose TiVo has spoiled me)

my $.02


Are all the Evo games from this year’s tourney gonna be on the DVD? I understand that this is primarily a Capcom site, but I personally think that all the games deserve to be on there, maybe even split them up onto separate DVDs so that the people that want just MvC2, Cvs2, and SF3: 3rd Strike can get what they want without everything else included with it, like T4, TTT, VF4, and SC2. Just a thought, although including every game like that would take an ENOURMOUS amount of work, not to mention how many DVDs it would likely take for that. This tournament is gonna be too huge…



i was wondering the same thing. i dont see why they wouldnt. the tournament isnt just sf so it wouldnt represent the full aura of the tournament if they didnt include all of the games. maybe it could roll over onto two discs (gotta have extra footage of crowd reactions and stuff, lol). =)