Will there be any Arcana Heart at evo in the BYOC?

If so, then let me know cause I’m definitely trying to get some games in. Cause someone had it at Final Round X and was wonder if someone was bringing the cabinet and stuff to evo.

Oh god I hope so. Someone lug the Cab around, pls.

That was what’s his face from the arcade in Texas (he was the owner). He brought Accent Core, Arcana, and Melty Blood.

I highly doubt him coming to Evo with that set up again, especially since he’s still in Japan at the moment, and that he’d need to run the game on a plasma screen television (or arcade brand monitor that can handle it) because the resolution is too high for regular televisions.


Please delete this thread, it’s clearly toying with my emotions. :sad:

Screw you DS, atleast you can play it more than I can (which is never)

Oh ok, oh well that’s cool then. I’ll just play it a bit here in Philly before I leave for evo. Thanks for the info