Will there be any extra official evo t-shirt for sell?

i want one :frowning:

I want one that says “Look at the damage!!!” With a Sagat silhouette on the back.

I swear i would pay 15 dollars for this.

I’d like to know as well. If not, anyone willing to sell theirs? I’m looking for one in Large

I doubt Evo will have some to sell since they didn’t even get enough for all the players in attendance.

Any word if any stick bags are still available? I wasn’t able to buy any of the stick bags when they were up but now things are stable for me and I really want one.


^they sold out of the stick bags in 5mins @ evo and they had like 200 of them. its not looking good holmes :confused:

:sad: damn aight thats cool. I’ll just keep using my backpack.


Selling my evo shirt unworn size L for $100, and evo stick sack unused for $100.

Act now, and i’ll sell you both for $300. Accepting paypal only.

I’ll sell my unworn XL Evo shirt if anyone’s seriously interested. PM me…