Will there be enough chairs


As I never been to Evo but thinking how many people will be there, will there be chairs as whenever I see Evo I notice there are chairs for the finals and stuff.

Otherwsie I might have to bring a foldup chair as there is no way I can play sitting down or standing up




byocs if you put your stick on one when you play.


I play with pad and I need 2 rest my arms on my legs but not sitting down.


how do you bring your own chair to vegas when you fly in from elsewhere?


There’s plenty for those who are actually playing. For those who arn’t up on a game, it’s hit or miss as to whether there will be one for you. For the finals last year -most- everyone who watched had a chair to view the fights, some resorted to the floor or other options though lol.


erm i will just buy a cheap fold up chair while I am in LV or borrow one