Will there be GGPO netcode for MvC3?

Hopefully that was announced or will be announced because that will be the main selling point for me to buy this game. Imagine how bad it would be if a great fighting game that moves very fast has terrible netcode and lags all over the place or has a lot of input delay. I simply will not buy MvC3 if the netcode is terrible for online play. I really hope they made the right decision and went with GGPO netcode for MvC3.

Doubt it. GGPO relies on rollbacks that use save states. It’s much harder to save state on 3D games quickly and then load them fast enough without any pauses/stuttering from the save/loads since there is a lot more information to save. So I don’t see this happening. I’m expecting the same shitty netcode that comes with SF4.

sf4 does not have shitty netcode. I mean if you want shitty netcode, try playing tekken online.

Having input delay in a fast paced game like this is gonna be shitty either way you look at it.

It’s simple, when they announce online features and they dont mention GGPO then it means that it won’t make it in same with how ssf4 went. Capcom japan is working on it so there is a good chance GGPO won’t make it in, even though the game is coming out in fuking 2011 and it’s getting tiring how little progress they’re making in netcodes so yea, we’ll see. Lets hope so along with lobbies, tournament mode (with simultaneous play) team battle, and all that jazz. I almost forgot, an offline replay system as well.

so what you mean is if one thing is shitty and another thing is exorbitantly shitty then it makes the first thing not shitty

no because capcom doesnt give a shit

GGPO netcode sucks.

only if you’re a borderline '09 retard

Best be joking.

It is rare as fuck to find a green bar. And my NAT is open if that even counts.

We must be playing a different game then, since I dunno, at least 80% of my matches are green. If MvC3 has similar net code, it will be playable by my standards. Will it be as good as offline? Of course not, anyone expecting that to be the case is retarded.

GGPO netcode > SF4 netcode. I have had stable GGPO matches with people in Japan and Australia on GGPO. SF4 netcode is fine if you’re playing someone right next to you, but ultimately GGPO is better.

And of course it would work with 3D games. This topic has been discussed.

No. There will not be enough room on the disc because every character will have a storyline.

Who said it wouldn’t work?

You stating that it was harder implied that it was prohibitively difficult.

It is harder…I said I doubt Capcom will do it. You acted like someone said it wasn’t possible.

hmm semms like only you guys have problems with the super netcode

when i play with my mates it’s like offline sure sometimes we have minor lags

yea and i know how it feels to play offline -_-

Your standards are retarded. Will ggpo be as good as offline? Not always, but there will be matches that are pretty much exactly the same as offline (0 input lag and no rollbacks whatsoever). Of course I don’t expect you to believe that since you think sf4 netcode is good lol but it’s true

Netcode will be good. I have faith that they have learned shit since doing SF4.

I also believe that the only reason SSF4 is not a lot better than vanilla is because they’d probably have to re-build the online structure to incorporate the new and improved netcode, so they just said fuck it and did minor adjustments.

Well… maybe not good, but at least it’ll be better than SSF4

if MvC 3 has BB netcode, life would be great.