Will there still be any new DLC characters after Rain?

Just what the question says. So far we got Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain. Anyone else?

There is a 4th, coming out sometime in August. Just dont know who, and exactly when.

I believe it was rumored that the 4th DLC character would be Shinnok. But it’s only a rumor, so who knows.

I heard Tanya. All these MK4-8 characters are all ass including Kenshi I think this part of the franchise is the cancer that is ‘shitty 3D MK’.

Ive heard lots of different rumors, but right now, thats all there is…rumors.

I say, keep em coming. And idk, Kenshi was simply awesome in this version.

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I hope that they’ll do more, maybe another 4 around holiday season? Please don’t rush Mk10, support and upgrade this game for a good while.

I’ve heard Tanya and the whole Fred and Jason guest characters rumors. But I bet the next one is Tanya.

Tanya makes alot more sense than Fred and Jason… though they really should out someone on the XBox side to match with Kratos on the PS3 side…

Welp… I’d never heard of Tanya until now.

Ugh, I hope not. Adding new characters is the most superficial way possible to keep the game fresh, and right now you can’t even play them in tournaments. I don’t mind paying for superficial things, but when you start adding core game elements, I think it causes a lot of problems and issues that take away from the game. I get why people are excited about who the next new character will be, but I just hope they release a GOTY edition at some point with everything included, and we can finally have a definitive version of the game ffs.