Will this affect Karas' low health?

The new health care reform bill has been passed. Its not signed into law yet, though. How will it affect the characters with low health, such as Karas and Zero? Maybe it will balance them out with some of the high health guys like Tekkaman.:hitit:

lol, this is a hilariously terrible thread…

Only if Obama becomes a playable character.

Baroque Obama…

lmao terrible

This thread is so terrible that I think it is our duty to ensure it is on the first page in perpetuity.

Somewhat off-topic bad joke:

What is Obama’s favorite holiday?
St. Patrick’s Day
(Get it? “O’Bama”)

I’m not sure what to think about this thread. lol

Baroque Obama should definitely be a playable character.

Baroque Obama gets free baroque in vs mode.


I lol’d

Almost as bad as the Adon video thread title.

i could imagine it…
they take the Pheonix Wright model and moveset and make him look more blacker and remove the spikey hair. Yellin stuff out like “yes we can!” and “bitch nigga, getcho own damn fries!”

i hate you guys. makin me laugh with swollen jaws. the pain!!!

His ultra is called “change” and he swaps his life bar with yours if it hits. What is capcom thinking?

i think the reason baroque’s do less damage now is because of the health care overhaul. they’re less effective but there are more of them.