Will this be my new home?



I might be switchIng my main to Cody from ryu. Who else will make this switch? Who did you main?


Switching from Vega to Cody.
It sucks cause Vega’s gonna be sooo good in Super, but I really want to use Cody.


I switching from Abel to Cody because he was my main in Alpha 3.


I used Bison exclusively for a year and struggled against projectiles (shotos/guile), I was hoping Cody would address that but apparently not.

Bison - Cody


I switching from Rose to Cody because he is more fun to play and I like him from Final Fight and he was my main in Alpha 3


I’m not switching TO Cody, just adding him to my current team of Viper, Ken, Abel.


I’m switching from Rog to Cody because I don’t really like any of the vanilla SF4 cast that much, and I’m just using Rog because I seem to do the best with him out of all the different characters I’ve attempted to main.

I actually like Cody both as a character and in terms of gameplay, though, so that’s making him the natural choice for me.


Switching from Abel to Cody.


Picking Cody for something new and because I loved him in the Alpha series. Definitely not dropping Guile though especially with those new buffs, so I’m hoping they both compliment each other well in terms of match-ups. If not though, fuck it, both characters are too cool to drop.


Switching to Rog from Cody. I’m tired of jabbing my way to victory.


I main Fei Long and alt Balrog. I’m super psyched about SSF4, and I can’t wait to try out the new characters. I’m going to take a break from Fei and Balrog, and my new main is going to be Cody.

Cody is just a cool dude. He fights dirty with knives, and rocks, and a wrench. Prison rules baby. He’s looking really solid too. I can’t wait.

I also want to try Dee Jay, Dudley, and T Hawk too.


I mained Fei Long in SF4, but I’ll most likely be using Cody as my main in Super. I don’t think Fei will necessarily be garbage or anything, but it doesn’t seem like he improved much in Super and his bad matchups will probably still be really frustrating. Cody just seems like a much more fun and complete character.


Maybe they was right, as to say “Cody might be the new Ken” but i might try cody and see whats up… Definitely not dropping my Ken though :pleased:


I’ve mained Akuma forever without a secondary. This time around though I believe Cody is a worthy secondary for me. Can’t wait.


Sakura to Cody more or less. Probably putting her as a second or third, cause I’m hype for Makoto too.


Not sure if I’m gonna swtich from Ken to Cody, but I’m definitely going to at least use Cody as my 2nd. Hes looking sweet… likely a middle of the pack runner, but I like the mid tiers.


Bison to Cody. Loved playing him in Alpha 3, first non-shoto I gave a chance. Never thought he would be in a future game, so I am very excited!


im switching from El Fuerte to Cody cuz i just love the attitude that he has :bgrin:, but ill keep on using fuerte since i had to learn so much with him it would be stupid to not use him anymore but still Cody main for me

i pick character cuz of their style el fuerte is really funny and to me so is Cody


Dictator is my main and from playing Cody and completing his Trials, he will be my secondary. It feels he easily mixes in my play style.


Not switching to Cody as my main but adding him to my main’s with my current one’s being Ken and Bison