Will this combination work: Mayflash wii to usb + TvC stick + ps3 = winrar?

Title, will it work?


Thanks! I’m new and just wanted to make sure that worked fine :smiley:

Yupperz. As long as your referring to this ^. Just so you know though, the home button does not work on PS3. Also the start button will not work. The select will work on PS3, and acts as a Start button. Also, the third row of buttons does not work on PS3. I think because they are analog or some shiz. This can easily be fixed by opening it up, and switching the wires on the fourth row of buttons to the third row. The buttons have QD’s, so they are a breeze to switch. And lastly, not sure if you have already purchased a TVC stick or not, but the Mad Catz online shop sells them BOGO quite often. So if possible, you can save a lot of money by waiting for the sales. That brings them to a little over $20 a stick.

you don’t actually need to do that according to this thread

will test and see

Sweet, you found that thread. I was trying to find it the other day and post it here. Switching modes does work as well, except I think you might have problems on PS1 games from the store I think? Not sure. But yah, you can do that if you don’t want to open it up, or don’t plan to ever mod it.

yeah that thread was a bitch to find, took me an hour D:
my ps3 is the crappy uk 60gb one, so it can’t play ps1 or ps2 games. The store isn’t really a problem for me though.