Will This Fightstick Work on PS4?


Is anyone aware if this fightstick will work with a PS4? I recently picked up the hori fightstick mini 4, but i’m finding it too, well… mini.

Noticed the link isn’t working. Sorry about that


It won’t just work as a plain old PS4 joystick right off the bat. You would either need an adapter like the Brook Universal adapters, or that the game you want to play has support for legacy PS3 sticks and hope this one is compatible.

But just plugging it in and navigating menus and getting around the system and playing games, no. Hope that makes sense.

come on now. the description mentions that it works on PS4. Whats wrong with you?

I’m not talking about the mini fightstick. I posted the link to the other fighstick I was talking about in the second post. Here is the link to the working link to the one I’m talking about. An edit feature would be nice.


That makes sense. Does SFV support that?

Yeah, SFV has the Legacy compatibility.

There’s a PS4 MayFlash, but IDK if they sell it on Amazon.
I’ve only seen it on Ebay.

EDIT: http://www.mayflash.com/Products/XBOXXBOX360/F300.html

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