will this fit..

I found my answer sorry…

Thats great that you found your solution to your issue.
But if you are going to ask a question, next time instead of removing the question, post your findings
it will show to others what your solution is, other people can ether learn from what you just found out or other members can input with various alternative solutions

Now we just ave a dead thread the mods have to go and delete, and mods hate doing extra work.

Yes, I actually wanted to know what your question was.
And what the answer to your question is.

Because it may help others.

the question was will this fit… the answer is yes…

i can be like that too…

if its too hard for a mod to press delete maybe they should rethink being a mod… not being a prick but instead of bumping this post that I couldnt delete which i would of the instant i found the answer (on this site by the way…) you could of just left it… now im bumping it

anyways… reply with a useless snide remark… i dont mind :slight_smile: wont be checking back

Where is the ‘dislike’ button?

Thank you, I am glad I still sound like an ass hole even though I was honest and frank but still tactful. If I wanted to get on you, you would have know it.
You wouldn’t imagine the number of threads we get on a regular basis that ends up serving no purpose. If you though I was wasting time then why you felt you have to reply.

Moderators are not paid for there time here, they are volunteers. Mods have regular jobs, families and lives outside of this forum.
Spend a day in there shoes and you understand how much work a mod can get at one time.

Yes isn’t a answer when we do not know what should fit where. It not a full question, the question is unanswerable.

Would this part fit in tho this model arcade stick would have been a complete question.

All we know that you came up with a solution people been spending months looking for and you decided to think only of your self.
The whole part of posting in a forum is to participate and be apart of a online community.
Your withdrawal of your actual question is a disservice to our community when you decide to make a thread and then edit out your own question.

Thank you for your contribution and I am sure we will not miss your departure, but if any time you want to return we will welcome you back like anyone in this thread.

Good day to you sir.