Will this game be a

… ssf4ae2k12 with tekken characters ? Meaning, will this be the exact same thing as ssf4ae2k12 in the gameplay, will all sf characters have the same attacks/combos/flowchart and tekken characters will be like a bonus ? Or will this be a totally different game.

I know my question may be really really dumb but hey, if you don’t ask, you don’t learn.

With some juggles and some Darkstalkers sprinkled in.

Not even close if you ask me.

There is no focus attack so I don’t see the resemblance with IV

As for the game, it will be a stupid game if you ask me. The strategy is kinda like LoL, and mechanic wise no one can say since it is not out yet and there is no Hit b ox data/Frame data/move lists or game speed

Kinda shaping up to be closer to CvSNK2 than anything

hmm that sounds really good to hear that its shaping up like that.

Do not play with my heart.

The fuck are you on?

Darkstalkers is better than SFIV so if you threw Darkstalkers onto SFIV, the mix would turn out to be better. SFxT currently looks like anything but better than SFIV.

No it’s not…please don’t lump this with CvS2.

Its a faster paced Street fighter, with Tekken style chains, juggles and tags. No Focus attack, no ultras. Definitely some cheap shit thrown in as well. (Comboing into Pandora, and if they put it back so the human player controls both characters during the 2 on 1 mechanic, thats huge damage combos,). It seems way more Offensive based than anything in the SF4 series. Hows that?

… What?

Maybe not, mah bad, first impressions, clearly wrong.

I would say it’s looking more like a chain based fighter like the KOF Maximum Impact/Regulation A games or Bloody Roar type games. With of course Magic the Gathering style gem collecting and powering up and all that randomness.

Short answer: No.