Will this game ever make it to Japanese arcades?


This topic certainly isn’t new but I would still like to bring it into light.

Honestly, if SG won’t be released in Japan, then I won’t be pursuing the game anymore(I bought the game). Any good fighting game being kept away from one of the most prominent FGCs simply isn’t right. Besides the gameplay, SG features excellent sex appeal =D as well as having the slickest animation in a fighting game. There has got to be an audience in Japan for that!

There hasn’t been much news from Reverge Labs concerning Japan so I’m just assuming that there hasn’t been a conscious enough effort to promote it there, not to say that they aren’t hardworking folks. Reverge Labs, you have two thumbs up from all of us! :slight_smile:

If Japan does get ahold of SG, I have no doubt that the game will grow in popularity, not to mention its place in tournaments. I guess we’ll just have to see once the updates and dlc are out in the rest of the world. Japan isn’t a big proponent of digital releases, but that isn’t the problem.


If I recall it was mentioned long ago in passing that digital games don’t do so well in Japan, especially if there’s no arcade release to accompany them. It was also mentioned that 8 characters was not enough to justify an arcade launch, so they might revisit the idea once the roster was expanded.

God knows how much of that I’ve remembered correctly or if it’s still true.

Also, why would you give up on it if it doesn’t get released in Japan? :confused: “Because it isn’t right?” You’d quit playing as some bizarre form of protest?
I’m moving to Japan next week and that’s not going to stop me playing!



From Neogaf:


They are working as hard as ever. Lets support them in any way we can so they can give us something even better.


And SG is already pretty popular among Japan folks. Someone on this forum was saying that absence of $20 PSN cards on US SG release was caused by Japanese people ordering the game lol. Idk if it’s Japanese or not but I still think SG has something to do with it =]


@adrua3dg=Right, okay I didn’t know about that part. Its great that you brought it to our attention!

@Russai=Yea, I may have an elitist attitude when it comes to this. I played SF4 on a Japanese cab in the Chinatown Fair(New York) before its 2009 console release, so I suppose this is where my feelings stem from. It certainly isn’t a protest from me, as I’ve already patronized Reverge Labs when I could just hold on to the demo until any news came.



In Japan,Arcade fighting game arent popular now. young people not like fighting game……ah,they not like fight with their friend,and they like cooperate with their friend. So,Game Centeres are smaller and smaller.(but,price games are still popular) I hope SG relece in Japan on package. for reverges benefit.


See? Japanese people love Skullgirls! :slight_smile:


Yes! Japanese people(ofcorce,me too!) love Skull Girls!
But The fighting game scale on gamecenter is contracting……
There were two gamecenter near my house before,but nowadays,One gamecenter is dead.
Another gamecenter stops fighting game.
I afraid gamecenters will not buy Skull Girls.
so,lab suffers disadvantage.


Are you one of those Japanese guys who bought the game through XBLA?


I don’t get his reasoning. The only way this would make sense is if he lives in Japan and wants to go play offline with his friends at the arcade more often. Any other excuse I can think of would sound like the ramblings of an internet troll.


Wow I just had to add in that tidbit to isolate myself from everyone else. Hahahaha

It just bothers me, okay? No I’m not in Japan and I will more than likely continue playing it if the deal does not work out. I do have a certain attitude about this that really can’t be reasoned with.

Ayakashi, you have my sympathies.


Yeah, I’m living in Japan at the moment and it’s kinda obvious arcades are on the out and out. Even arcades that are still around, even the ones famous for fighters, have been largely converted into claw machine games or those stupid picture machines.

You occasionally still find a real OG arcade filled with the good shit, but these aren’t mainstream, and those arcades were always filled with men, not children or teenagers.