Will this game get tapped out without a Focus Attack replacement?

I loved watching SFV during E3, but the gameplay felt a bit…simple. In SFIV, every player has the option to use a Focus Attack in the neutral, and this adds a lot to the mindgames that are available. FADC forward, back, or just let the Focus Attack go through after absorbing a hit…the neutral was extremely fluid in SFIV, and many of the game’s hypest moments are due to Focus Attacks.

In SFV, they are gone, and the game is likely better off for it. However, nothing is replacing Focus Attacks, and that is a very strange fact. V-Skills, while defensive in nature, do not replace Focus Attacks because they are often far more particular in their usage, and each character has a unique one. For example, Nash has his energy absorber, which works against projectiles, but it doesn’t give him any kind of defensive neutral option.

Basically, with Focus Attacks leaving, it seems like the gameplay just has less to it. Players were already putting some pretty cohesive gameplay together after a few days, so it isn’t hard to imagine that this game will get figured out in a year, leading to stagnation. A simpler neutral is cause for concern - does anyone else share my concern?


Good riddance is all I have to say about focus attacks.

SF4’s neutral was already figured out in a year.

Then they released Super.

We lived without Focus Attacks for 16 years. We will live another 16 without them.

They need to make this game as different from SF4 as possible or else theres no point in making it.

I thought V-trigger/skill/reversal is the focus attack replacement? Were we watching the same E3 demonstration?

Like I’ve said multiple times previously, I strongly dislike what focus attacks does to the neutral game in SF4. I’m really happy to see it gone.

V-Skill, V-Reversal, V-Trigger make every character more unique while focus was only really unique in terms of how effectively some characters could utilize it based on range or dash speed.

Focus attacks were shit and FADC were badly implemented Roman cancels. Glad it’s gone.

SF4 = shite
SFV= hopefully gadlyk

I hate focus, it just seems like a really bland take on parry with anime FADC thrown into it. If it’s gone, it’s gone peace out.

The way the game’s changing should actually make the game more interesting neutrally as they’re making the game so normals are all designed to have specific best uses in the neutral. Very few normals are duckable allowing more standing normals to be strong in the neutral as well. The game also works like V ism A3 now where normals that used to be close normals, are now command normals and can be used at any time, giving you more options for when you can use them. Seeing Ryu’s close s.HK and Cammy’s close MP become command normals they can use anywhere on screen should prove some interesting results.

Ryu’s parry already looks more interesting than focus ever was and I like that it’s a tool to him and not homogenous to the whole cast. It’s an interesting take on 3S parry where it’s balanced to be less an all encompassing punish for a majority of attacks while still having enough of the timing/multi hit aspect of it to still feel like a parry.

i think is soon as fuck to judge, players are still new and not experienced in new mechanics… plus of course playing in front of a crowd make you more conservative and less willing to experiment

We see a lot of normal play and then V-trigger, because is probably the most immediate mechanic, give them time and we will see more v-skill and v-reversal being used

I take it that OP first fighter was SF4.

Glad FAs aren’t coming back. In the same way parries didn’t for SF4 and I’ll be happy that the V-system won’t be in SF6.

I like sf4 but guilty gear and kof13 had way better cancels than that crap in sf4.

I’ve played enough fighters from enough series to know that FA is not the only way to make a neutral game fluid.

Definitely Nope Prior SF games sure had no Focus Attacks , and look at them

I take it that OP’s First SF is SF4

Didn’t even know that there are people who like focus attack.

hate on something -> bitch when get removed

That’s the FG community mantra :smiley:


Most people at least in this forum, hate focus attacks. For reasons I’ve gathered are mostly ridiculous or plain nonsensical.

So you won’t get very far at all in this forum with arguments for focus attacks. Not that I agree with their reasons but there are fights worth fighting for and some that aren’t (and arguing in support of focus isn’t one of those fights that is worth fighting for)

In streetfighter there is almost always a new mechanic to go with a new series, so focus being the “new” mechanic for sf4 makes sense that it won’t be coming back in 5, same as I wouldn’t expect v trigger to come back if they ever make a streetfighter 6.

Having said that, focus isn’t such a great mechanic that it is burdensome that it is gone. As others have said in this thread, it wasn’t around for a long time so there is no reason why a new streetfighter won’t work without it.
People still play ST and there is no focus in that game, and the tiers in that old ass game are still in a state of flux just cause of new thinking in matchups… 20 years later…

So tldr, naw man, I’m not worried that streetfighter 5 will be figured out anytime soon. Focus or no focus.

No way. FA’s can take a hike. The V system looks 10 better. People will using be using all their meter now fr various reasons other just fadc’s and the odd ex move.