Will this Joystick work for a fighting stick build?


hi there,
where i come from (Egypt) it’s impossible to find an arcade stick (not without sacrificing a limb for the price anyway) so i decided to build my own, i’ve already built a PC only “Hitbox” style arcade controller before and it came out pretty nice, and at a very…very low cost which is what i was aiming for.
now i am aiming for a higher quality build, i want to build an arcade stick box with proper joystick controller, and base it off of an xbox360 wired controller so it would work on my PC and my xbox…
the question i have now is this, i can only find this joystick (like in ALL Egypt!) and i don’t think it’s “fighting-ready”…it’s more like a pac-man joystick with 4-way controls mainly in mind:

one of the comments says that if i leave the constrictor plate at the bottom centered, i could use it as an 8-way controllers with usable diagonals, i am not sure about that and i would hate to buy it then find out it wont work (it’s actually a lot more expensive where i live than the one listed on that site).
also there is the height of the stick, i think it maybe too short, but then again the only arcade box i built was an all-button controller so i really wouldn’t know of the proper height.
i need advice building this poor man arcade stick, and thanks in advance :slight_smile: .


It looks like it’s a Zippyy joystick, which is a decent Seimitsu clone. Maybe if you have a relative in the super rich part of the Middle East or at least one who goes abroad to major cities like New York or Los Angeles, they can get you what you want.


well, thanks for replying…
i do have a relative in Saudi Arabia, and i made him check there (and in emirates too) and there are non…most of the Gulf Arabs are only interested in shooters, so fighting sticks has no market there, therefor it’s very hard to find.
at any rate, i love building stuff , so i would probably have built me one even if it’s commercially available :slight_smile:
anyway, you answered the “durability” part,and probably since it’s a clone, the height part is not an issue either… but does it support 8-way and diagonals?


Each diagonal is just 2 microswitches pressed together, so yes: it should support 8-way/diagonal.

The green restrictor plate on the bottom determines whether the shaft can move to the diagonal positions.

Also obligatory slagcoin link:


thanks a lot :slight_smile:
i used some much needed guidance from slagcoin before when i was doing my previous build, it’s an awesome website indeed.