Will this stick dominate?



its 69.99 im diggin the led’s and the chrome pimp my stick buttons! :slight_smile:


No, it won’t.


Looks rather tacky if you asked me


looks flimsy too i don’t think it will hurt someone if you swing it at them so no it wont dominate


lmao! haha has anyone bought this stick, come on you guys come out the closet i know somebody has bought this arnold swarzaneggar of a stick, this is truly the terminator edition lol


this has been posted like 9 times now


looks like complete shit


Looks like a really tacky mobile disco, if the balltop was like a discoball i might have got it for comedy value alone…oh wait no i wouldnt


You could try to reflect light off the buttons and throw off the person playing next to you.


holy crap you found the holy grail of arcade sticks…

the secret is out

guess were all doomed


I’ve definitely seen worse. That actually looks like it MIGHT be a decent stick. Especially if it has future mod potential.

Worth $69+shipping however? For just $20-$30 more you could probably buy a nice custom stick instead that’ll be leagues better.

Lower the price to $40’ish and it could be something to consider.


I heard Justin Wong uses that stick.


it looks too fragile to me :frowning:


no sanwa parts, no domination.

must’ve used some really cheap stuff to put that thing together for that price.


it looks fragile and eye candy to me, not an arcade stick that we all desire


Get an SE stick and mod it. It’s in the same price range and you won’t have to worry if it’s moddable.


looks bad to me


I have one of these.

Not worth it.

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