Will this team work?



TL;DR: Does Wolverine, Doctor Doom (plasma beam) and Rocket Raccoon (Log trap) work as a team? If so, got any tips?

I’ve been playing UMVC3 now for half a year, but I still suck ofc, and still haven’t found “my team”. Over this half year I’ve been watching alot of competetive play to find out what I wanna play, or what I might be able to use properly. Up until now I have teams I want to play, and a few teams I use.
Currently the list is: Team 1 Hulk, Hagar, Wesker | Team 2 Dormammu, Doctor Doom, Wesker | Team 3 Wolverine, Frank West, Wesker

Team 1 is the team I’m the best with and Hulk is the only character right now I can actually do a Kill combo with, but I don’t really want to use this characters, I wanna use Wolverine, Doctor Doom and Rocket Raccoon. I’ve been playing Wolverine alot of lately and I’ve been trying to copy some of the pro players comboes etc like Noel Brown, PR Balrog and Justin Wong. I also want to use Doom, and I can do a corner combo with him, but the mid screen combo to get to the corner I have no idea how to do, it’s just now working out for me, I haven’t found a guide on it yet, but what it seems like is, Launch -> M ->M ->Foot Dive -> S -> Air Dash down -> get to the enemy -> otg -> relaunch but I’m not falling down in time, and Air Dashing Down doesn’t seem to help me.

Got any tips for this newbie who loves the hell out of this game and want to be good ?


Please enjoy: