will this work?



So I have an xbox 1 arcade stick, that has a usb connection also. Can this usb connection be hooked to a ps3? I know its a long shot, but I’ve heard the ps3 is
compatible with many usb peripherals.


No reason it shouldn’t work. Pretty much any standard USB joystick seems to work.

Even a standard, regular, big ass hell Xbox controller should work. Original Xbox controllers are actually USB with a funky connector. They sell simple adapters that just change the shape.


anyone else try this? I just dont want to damage the ps3


playstation2->usb adapters that people use for playing on the PC are working for the ps3…


What stick is this anyhow? Does it work on your PC without installation? Then it should theoretically work on your PS3.


yea but this is an xbox controller usb, its just a custom stick that has usb and xbox 1 hook up wires




What stick is it? No one can give you a definitive answer without knowing. Personally, I wouldn’t be scared to plug it in. The worst that can happen is that the PS3 won’t recognize it.


its a custom stick from finkle… when he made it for xbox 1, he put a usb connector on it to so i could hook it to PC as well.



You question has been answered mutiple times, what else do you need to know?


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