Will Twitch Prime give me Capcom Fighters subscription for free?


Hi there!

Sorry if this is the wrong topic category but could not find any threads on Twitch Prime.

I knew about the service from being promoted during tournaments that are streamed on Twitch but never thought it was compatible with Amazon UK until I confirmed it today.
I have Amazon Prime but I have also paid approximately 6 dollars a month for watching archived footage on Capcom Fighters.

This article here says you get a free subscription every 30 days. What does this mean? Does it last for 30 days only as well or can you keep adding channels for free every 30 days?

Basically, my question is, can I stop my Capcom Fighters subscription if I connect my Twitch Account to Amazon Prime?



You get a token each month which you can redeem for a 30 day subscription on any channel on twitch. You have to apply another token after the 30 days to stay subscribed.


Thanks for the reply, Blindknagg. So what you are saying is that I get a token every month that’s worth 30 days, and I can continue to use this new monthly token on Capcom Fighters continuesly?

In other words, we get 30 days for free every month, which we can use on any channel we prefer? When those 30 days expire, does the subscription expire too, meaning all in all we get a maximum value of one free channel through the Twitch Prime service?


Yeah…the token can only be used for one channel.
So for example you can use the token for one channel…then renew for a token and have the option to use it on a different channel.

This is actually news to me.