Will Udon ever make a SF3 and Capcom vs SNK comic?

Do you think that these would be good comics for them to make?

SF3: Yes, once they get finished with the alpha, SF2, and whatever other filler storylines.

CvS: Probably not, because then they would need to aquire the rights to SNK characters.

^What Vanilla Said. As the series advances, more and more characters will be introduced. Basic comic time line. And with each character, more and more opportunitys for Storylling are introduced as well. Meaning, More comics!..

As for Capcom vs. SNK Comic. Go to the link i posted below:D:p…


^Interesting link. Might be worthy. Thanks.

Vanilla: Thanks. :slight_smile:

What I’m wondering, though…

Will Udon decide to do SF3 as part of the SF comic, or as a completely separate one?

If SF3’s timeline comes into the “now” in the SF book too early, a lot of potential SF2 storylines will be lost. If the book continues after that, it would either be stuck in SF3 timelines or return to SF2 continuity, both of which could break up the flow of the books.

A separate book would fix that but then there’s the issue of how often we’d see it (SF and SF3, two issues a month?), or how popular a SF3 comic could possibly get (which I gotta say, I don’t think it would top SF in sales, ever).

Currently, they’re doing SF3 as part of the comic and not a separate one. Last I heard, SF3 is slated to begin around Issue 18 (which means things will be kinda… compressed until then, given there are 40+ playable characters in SF1 through Alpha through SF2, and that’s not even including supporting nonplayer characters like Eliza or grumpy surly Kei)

comics one

svc i think could be interesting. but the thing about hk art is that they tend to create too many blurs when characters fight.
i might check out the first one, just to see how it is, although comics one has the rights to it, it is still possible for udon to do a crossover no? id rather see them do it, and if they have great sales, they can impress marvel in to letting them in on a deal, that would be cool too.

Very early, before Issue 1 came out, Studio Udon did say they would be interested in doing a CVS comic, but wanted to wait until there own SF series picked up steam. Who knows now.

Personally, i think they should wait. CvS is kind of an Elseworlds/What-If thing in that it’s pretty shady if/how it fits into continuity, but if it does, it would take place somewhere between SF2 and SF3. SF comic is in the middle of SFA right now, and most of the readers (including us) don’t really know what defines the characters yet. So why not wait until all the characters are fleshed out and stuff so that when CvS does happen, we can have deep and interesting relationships between characters instead of introductory ones?

the people from the other forum actually like SvC the game???:confused: :confused: