Will us normal people get to play in byoc room or will it be overrun with money match


Personally, don’t want to pay $20 to be asked to move so someone could do their money match I could care less about, can there be like 2 sections one for people who want to those MM’s and one for people who just want to play for fun (aka the reason most of us got into video games in the first place)

Eh i think it should be for whatever the person who took there unit wants but in my eyes

Money matches > casual

to me casual in general is kinda boring =o besides to prac to get better but at evo there has to be something on the line so hopefully all for money matchs =o:D

just remember If you don’t like it then BYOTV

Money Matches are more important than casual matches

You make it seem like money matches take like 2 hours to do it takes just as long as a casual match. Everyone plays money matches not the other way around like you said.

People running “side-events” like unofficial tournaments need to bring their own TVs. Money matches fall somewhere between a side-event and casual, so use your best judgement. The longer a money-match (or series of money matches) goes on, the more it begins to look more like a side tournament and less like casual play. In that case, you need to give up the TV to people who want to use it for casual.

Play nicely, people.

20 bucks?
how much do you guys put down for each money match? I would think it would be closer to what you pay in the arcade (50 cents - 1 dollar) but instead of putting the money in the machine it goes to the winner.

just curious

5$-50$ for most of them… I have seen a few at around 200$

Jwong needs to sit down at a mvc2 machine put a sign on it that says 10 and up dollar games and not move for 3 days.

I want to smack those dumbasses who told Takayuki to move so they could play their money match. The guy flies all the way from the other side of the world so he could watch you guys play for $10? Good job disrespecting the Japanese champion. He left after that in case anybody else is wondering.