Will using TURBO get me banned from PSN?

Well, will using the TURBO function on the Madcatz SE fightstick get me banned? I just wanna make sure.

PS- I’m playing SSFIV.

U serious?

(BTW No, it won’t get you banned.)

well, I wanted to try it out. Is that a crime?

it won’t get you banned, but it won’t make you play better

Same thing I said to my cousin. He was using turbo buttons and macros to execute things he normally would never be able to do under real time constraints and in a real match. =/

It won’t get you banned, but I wouldn’t do that either, you might develop bad habits, but it’s really up to you.

Nope, but it sure will get you the universal scorn of fighting game players around the world, also, it will get you booted from any tournament worth mentioning.

Im still pissed that Madcatz was retarded enough to even put the option on the damn sticks to begin with.

Dont bother using it your only putting yourself into bigger trouble ie if you ever have to play without it. Just keep practicing and you wont even need it.

Yea you’ll get banned for sure. Dont listen to these guys. They ban you from PSN, disable your accounts and void your warranty. If you need a more realible way to cheat (because that’s essentially what you’re doing), then buy a Game Shark or Game Genie and use those for your PS3 instead. As of right now, the latest firmware does not detect their usage and quite honestly I don’t think it’ll EVER detect their usage–they’re just that damn good. They even let you use the hidden boss characters (Shin Akuma, Shin/True Gouken, Seth w/ normal health) although don’t be surprised if people start kicking you from games.

Using turbo will definitely get you banned from being good at ssf4.

The only negative aspect I can see about turbo is that if you happen to win against a shitty player they will probably post on here about you.

Sony will IP ban you for using turbo in ssf4 if reported jk. But turbo is pretty useful for Final Fight double impact :wink:

why would you want to use the turbo function?