Will we ever have licensed music in Fighting Games?

Just crossed my mind.:wonder:

I dont mean that shit Aerosmith did for Dead Or Alive 3 either, I mean well-known hot fucking tracks in fighters.

Or at least have the feature in the future to customize the music to a certian extent

-customize the opening, entrance, character select, stages etc.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: if PS3 doesnt let you put your own music on the games.

I certainly hope not. Would you really want to play SF3 today if it was full of the hot tracks of 1999?

Hell fucking no!!! What if Tekken 6 or SF4 had some lil bow wow bullshit or something in them. I would just die. These arent EA games, Thank god for that.

haha exactly! :rofl:

I like SF3’s music already and to know that it will never get old is satisfying enough.

I’d rather have music that fits into the gameplay that you are playing. Putting in licensed music is more like a marketing ploy to me. One game that is excluded from it is GTA since it’s in the radio stations and used well.

Well, putting in licensed music that’s straight up great to listen to that matches the game, be them well-known or not, is a rather good idea. I’ve yet to see a fighting game that has licensed Gothic music in it.

I would hope never…

No, because the only marketable types of music anymore are rock and rap, and I like how games now have diversified music genres. Besides, I’m willing to bet that by “licensed music” you mean stuff from those 2 genres anyway.

Look at 3rd Strike, none of that shit is licensed (Unless you count the 3 songs from Infinite, but that was a collab’ between him and Capcom), and it has some fucking hot acid-jazz, drum and bass, house, rap, etc. If you really want to hear mainstream music in a fighting game so bad, go listen to the radio, or turn on a CD while you play.

There are times where it works like GTA, but othertimes it’s just kind of obnoxious and kind of cheapens the feel of the game (See Prince of Persia: Warrior Within).

You guys are thinking 50 cent and N Sync

I was thinking more along the lines of voiceless music like Basement Jaxx and Daft punk … Juno Reactor and Junior Jack. That kind of thing.

Remember amplitude? That game had hot licensed music. It wasnt a fighting game tho.

Just have a music group make instrumental beats for the game. Didn’t they do that for third strike?

Customizable tracks that YOU can list and listen to is fine. Just don’t let the game give you the tracks custom. Next-Gen systems will hopefully do that. Xbox was close but we need tracks for ALL GAMES!!! I mean gimme Guilty Gear XX#Reload custom burned CD that I can put on the Xbox and play on a specific level.

I mean shit, man!!

As long as it’s not Rap Hip-Hop or R&B it’s all good. =)

We could all pray that it doesnt happen. Last thing I want to happen is to be beating someone up with Jin in tekken then all of a sudden you hear YEAH OKAY.

dunno if its exactly the same thing but MTV plays some of the cvs1 music everynow and then. Pretty bizare but they do lol.

Game composers need jobs, and I need their music :frowning:

Speaking of people using CVS1 songs though, I once saw a documentary on aliens that used the “Maridia” theme from Super Metroid.

No, the music was composed by Hideki Okugawa. The same guy who does music for the the other 2 SF3 games, and also did some of the music for the alpha series, Onimusha and some other games. They got the Toronto MC Infinite to do the select screen music, intro music, and credits music, but that was it.

i’ll take vg music over artists music anyday…

Yeah, i agree. That would be horrible…

Ditto. Licensed/mainstream music should NEVER EVER be allowed into videogames.

Really? Which one(s)

Some really cool instrumentals, I’m sure would be great. Without vocals.

But gamemusic is still best for games. Or should I say original.

It’d be cool to hear some really nice beats like, …whatever.

The subject crossed my mind years ago, I got inspired by the SSX game. I was playing loads of Dead Or Alive at the time, and figured it’d be cool with somewhat repetitive instrumentals, like… I just put on Push It To The Limit by Necro, so yeah. Imagine the beat in Dead Or Alive 4. And add in the slowdown effect from SSX, where the music sort of warps out, then suddenly hits back in with original full effect. That’d be superb for when counter-holds and throws are executed.

Of course, the game should slow down along with the audio.

At the very least, it could be an alternate and experimental soundtrack to a certain game’s currently planned soundtrack.

Street Fighter had something like this, actually, where the tune was sped up at the end of each round. Which was great.