Will we get more editions of Street Fighter V?

If we do, what old characters can be added? Including new characters?

We got

Alpha series:

  • Alpha 1
  • Alpha 2
  • Alpha 3

III series:

  • New Generation
  • 2nd Impact
  • 3rd Strike

IV series:

  • IV
  • Super
  • Ultra

I believe the first round of DLC toons is out.

Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri and Urien over the next year.

I guess that could be considered a new version in some peoples eyes.

That’s all the info we have.

just to be correct IV got
-AE 2012

they may not give new names to the upgrades each year but they said something about doing balance/system changes only after CPT season is over.

If they do you wont have to pay for it.

Otherwise I see them sticking to the one title and probably just throwing out one extra apology edition disc with extra content at 20 to 30 dollar price to bring in some more of the casuals.

They already said there will be one version, if they rename it after each big update then that’s up to them, it will still be 1 disc and free updates.

When is the first dlc out, they say March but does anyone have a date yet?


There will be one version, with annual balance patches, and seasonal DLC characters.

However, since SF5 is a commercial bomb at the moment, prepare for the end times.

I think down the line they’ll repackage the game and some costumes and DLC to reinvigorate the sale of physical copies and get the game reviewed again. That has to be a much larger consideration for them now with how poorly the launch went. However I don’t believe Capcom will be going back on their word and use a future release to force upgrades on everyone.

No date for Alex of the store.

AE 2012 was just a big patch update not a version, no new characters, mechanics or features just a patch.

Tell that to the arcades that have AE Ver. 2012 booths :coffee:

I’m starting a fighting game collection (physical) and I would be ok if they released more editions of SF5 just like SFIV.