Will we still be alive in 50 years?


I am noticing a sort of apprehension towards the future. Everyone seems to have a negative vision of the future. Talking to people, it seems inevitable that some sort of catastrophe is gonna occur soon and drastically change society as we know it. Not one person I’ve spoken to had a positive outlook on the future(humanity’s, not their individual futures).

Now, I am a lazy nigga. If there’s a war or something, I’ll probably die quickly. So it’s in my best interests for shit to not go down. While it seems inevitable that something is gonna have to change, what with the ecological issues, the finite resources(how many years of petrol do we have left?), the development of even more lethal armaments and all the wars going on, what extent of change do you expect to see in the next 50 years? A complete makeover of the world structure, or slight changes?

My hope is that we might lose a bit of comfort(like only having 3 cereals to choose from), but nothing major will happen.

I wouldn’t mind the economic system getting a makeover though.


2012, son.

Is our way of life killing us?

Holy shit, did you really just write that Nini? lol.

I for one tend to be a little more positive for the future even though I’m always thinking about the negative outcomes of things. I can live with the 3 cereals to choose from but if we don’t have milk anymore and I have to eat my shit with water… Imma pop off lol.


Nini get on my cool list. 2062

Lets start here:


The Coolest Nigga lived thru World War III?

Guess we can all look at comet paths and timelines though. All Earthlings are going to have to put down the jingoism / Nationalism and work together to prevent calamity. Or send in Bruce Willis. Various Space Cowboys, Tommy Lee jones.


I’d rather WW3, civil war 3 (Civil war 2 was invisible), and Armageddon happen at the same time instead of only having 3 cereal options.


as long as one of the cereals is shreddies im not too fussed. keeps hunger locked up til lunch!


Man’s endless greed will not allow the world end, the people calling the shots on this earth are constantly making sure of this, in regarding to current events wheter it be invasion of Iraq for it’s raw oil resources or the development of fossil free fuels for supposedly “altruistic” reasons, when in reality, it’s all about dat paypuh. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m sure we’ll reach for the stars, distant galaxies and even further at one point once this world has served it’s purpose, all in the name of humanity. Call me an optimist then.


I imagine people felt the same way during a few notable events like say, THE BLACK DEATH, or maybe as a child learning to hide under desks during a COLD WAR NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, but hey we’re still here.


I refuse to have children. Although the technological aspects of the future look awesome, most of the decisions being made at a global scale lead me to believe that the future is going to be fucking ass. I’m not making somebody unwittingly suffer through it because I was careless with birth control.


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I think people exaggerate a lot. Also I don’t really think that far ahead I can barely plan my week out let alone 50 years.


nothing is true, everything is permitted


I think it’s a given that the species will survive. Barring an asteroid colliding or the earth imploding from within or aliens invading, I’m convinced that no matter what happens(be it nuclear wars, biochemical wars), the species will survive. Even if only 10% remains, the species will survive. The species’ adaptation skills and survival instinct are too good to just die off on it’s own.

Now, I’m not talking about humans going extinct. I’m talking about what will happen to the current society in the next 50 years.
Honestly, the way we’re living is not sustainable.
Overpopulation is a problem. It will be even more so when the water level rises to the point islands get submerged.
The economic distribution is messed up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see people rise up(and I’m not talking about #occupy, i’m talking about real poor people deciding enough is enough and going on a global strike to freeze the economy or something).
The planet is on life support, energy sources are thinning.

I am convinced something will happen in the next 50 years. I just don’t know whether it will be something huge like a war, or a collective effort to try to fix things.


I think things will be fine in 50 years. Some major bumps in the road, sure. But we will survive and still somehow flourish. The future has some scary possibilities but I am more excited than anything and don’t have fear.


The thought of a super volcano going off is terrifying.

Shit still messes me up.


I think people don’t exaggerate enough.


Chances are I’ll be dead from old age or close to it in 50 years. I kind of worry that my descendants will be recruited into the next major war(s), probably over water.


Why people think they have so much time…it fucks with my head.


The Patriot Act wasn’t invisible.

Or are you referring to X, MLK, and two dead Kennedys?

Because the latter was the start, and the former only the latest stage of the same ongoing Civil War.

Tl;dr CW2 has to actually end, first.

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