Will XBOX 360 Arcade Sticks with with DOA1 and DOA3?

Hi there,

So I purchased the Joytron converter to plug my HORI PS2 Joystick to my 360 and it works great with DOA2 and DOA4 but it has the same retarded function as the Dragon converter for PS3 where the stick itself replicates the Axis (ie: the left analog stick) and not the POV.

So games like DOA1 and DOA3, which don’t work with the analog stick don’t allow you to control your character. Seriously, instead of of making a switch for the a stupid racing wheel function, how about one to switch between Axis and POV?

Anyway, I’m thinking of returning the useless 360 corded controller I bought to make this converter work and buying a 360 Joystick. Question du jour, will I get the same problem with actual 360 joysticks?


i have both of those converters and many joysticks, never ran into that problem.

did u try to play with with both switches before starting up? u should not switch it while in game

Have you tried DOA1 or DOA3 on the 360 of VF5 on the PS3? Doubt that you can move your characters if you are using these converters.

EDIT: Never mind, I managed to google a result stating that the DOA4 Joystick uses the POV and not the Axis, meaning that it will work.