Will Xbox 360 Marvel Have Lag issues with LCD/HD TV's?


Anyone know? I’ll find out in a couple of hours, but I’m impatiently curious.

And sorry if this has been asked already.


that type of thing isn’t a game by game basis thing, if your other xbox games are fine then this one will be too


:tup: also you’re GDLK at marvel…peeped your session with Beats* that’s some hot shiznit man…especially IMSentCyk team.


It did on the TV’s at EVO. This is a pretty fast game. So something that’s not noticeable in another game doesn’t mean lag doesn’t exist. Milliseconds matter in Marvel. Even if the LCD has no noticeable lag, it is probably still there. TV plus internet lag could make a big difference.


those tv’s at evo were shitty azz Samsungs that mvc2 was demo’d on. the pictures were beautiful but too bad they were lagging.

on a side note–i just order the VH236H (23" evo lcd tv’s used for SFIV). once it comes in i’ll see just how it does on local matches. hopefully its perfect as they have said it to be =zero lag

about online play, dunno, but have a zero lag lcd will sure help out ALOT!!! :bgrin:


What you’re describing isn’t possible - input lag has never been an issue determined by the game, it’s an issue with your TV that affects everything. If you notice lag on other games, it will be present in MvC2.

Unless you have a ‘common’ model of TV that somebody else has already ran tests on, nobody will be able to tell you if your TV lags even if you post the make/model. Also, most people don’t know what they’re talking about and will tell you that their TV is “awesome” and “has no lag”, even if it has lag as high as 68ms (aka 4 frames)

Your best bet would be to read this topic, and search the forums for your model of TV. If that fails, try google.


fubarduck made a great topic about this. If I can find it, then I’ll post it.


here you go. The thread by fubarduck.http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=174085