Will you buy SFV on PS4 or PC?


3 cheers for cross play


I preordered mine for the PS4 first, but then when I saw the dlc costumes, I reminded myself howmuch I loved using modded costumes. So i ordered for both.


Nice, I actually made a few chun li dress color mods using paint.net lol. It was fun!
I got a good deal on a GTX 960 4gb upgrade.


Awesome. I’m more into changing their actual costume than actually just the color. Seeing the characters wear the same costume over, and over, and over again gets a little irritating for me. Thats the beauty of having SFV on PC, you have that modding capability.
PS4 might be the one I’ll play with the most, however.


Originally was just gonna get the PC version, then PS4 beta made me cave in to a PS4. Ill most likely be playing the PS4 version more often but play PC online at the house sometimes.


Anyone know if PS4 version will run at 60fps?


Is that a joke? :o


I’m going with the PS4 version. All my FGC related stuff is now on this console (MK, SF, BB, GG, T7), and I know for sure my PC won’t be able to handle the game at rock solid 60FPS or else it’ll look like shit. Plus I don’t really play on PC


If I ever get a PS4 I will buy console version as well, that’s for sure.


PS4. No need to worry about “will it run it?” “will i drop frames?” (Current pc would). Tournament Standard just in case there is a difference in timing.


PS4, but given the fact that I have SFIV on 360, PS3, PC, and 3DS. I’ll probably pick up the PC version when it gets cheap.

Edit: My dumbass picked the wrong option.


I refuse to pay the idiot tax so PC all the way.


Getting both versions. Since I didn’t cancel my Amazon pre-order I’ll likely get the PC version first.


I already pre-ordered on PS4… I wish I didn’t though. Pre-ordered on PC also since I play Ultra IV and other games on my PC too.


Just curious, why do you say you wish you didnt get it on PS4? Also what GPU do you have on your PC?


It is not, some people were saying its 30fps on PS4 but that didnt sound right. So by your response I am guessing it is for sure 60?

I thought it would have to be 60 which is why I asked. I didnt see it published anywhere.


Dude, come on, have some common sense. Of course it’s 60 on PS4, who in their right mind would buy a 30FPS fighter?


Figured as much, but no harm in asking. I let others introduce doubt saying it was 30.


Both and already bought.


Where did u get the PC version? Steam direct? I missed the greenmangaming sale and been watching gamersgate as well.