Will you continue to play T.Hawk after the 2012 changes?

Just curious :slight_smile:

Yeah I am. I still have quite a lot to learn before I can fight with conviction and get victory :smiley:

I can’t drop him.

He’s the only one that makes me tolerate playing this game.

i dont play sf4 anymore a about 1 month, this game is ASS, im just tired of him, after playing in ggpo every day i cant play anymore that shit online, i think i will stick with hawk for two reasons

  1. He’s the only one that makes me tolerate playing this game. [2] he makes me have fun in this ass game

2 I like playing camps and the competition, and of course kick some ass that players that dunno the matchup, always good to eliminate someone with a shitty tier :smiley:

I’ll keep trying but I think I might go E. Ryu as a backup. He got some good buffs.

I’m just devastated that we didn’t get spire input change. It made such a big difference in my hack version.

Yeah I’m gonna keep using him. Probably gonna start using Rog as well though.

Right now I’m unsure. I want to keep using him but I’m so tired of getting counterpicked. I’ve been looking into Geif, Gouken, and Ken as possible alternate mains. I’ll certainly wait and see how he fairs in AE 2012 though, I’ve mained him since the start of Super and having to end it would be heartbreaking. I’m just fed up with his glaring problems that Capcom seems to so easily ignore.

I feel you bro.


wait i dont play sf4!
i do like thawk though!

I understand with that. I used to use him for all matchups, but it’s not like you’re required to pick one character for all occasions or something. I picked up a secondary I find it’s just better and more enjoyable like that.

The plan was to switch to Hawk from Gief in 2012 so I’ll probably still stick to that but the un-changes in his terrible matchups was pretty disappointing. I’ll probably split time between Hawk, Gief, and maybe Honda but main Hawk. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

I will keep playing Hawk - he’s fun. I haven’t had a problem with the spire command, but I would have loved a QCFx2 (or QCBx2) input for Raging Slash. I have also been playing a lot of E. Honda lately (not that that is a good cover for Hawk’s bad matchups, but I just feel like he would be fun too) … I should sit down and see who is good for Hawk’s bad matchups and start picking that char up, but I keep going with what I enjoy. ah well.

I’m definitely playing Hawk in 2012 even with the changes (or lack of). Im incredibly disappointed that Raging Slash input remains the same. It just doesnt make sense to me to have an anti-air that uses an extremely long and unsafe input. But again… Hawk will still be Hawk. Play solid footsies and exceptional mind games and we’ll still be able to face palm and take dumps on peoples backs.

Yes because I have not finished ushering in the T. Hawk Revolution.

balrog or fei

The issue that led to me dropping him is that I’ve started going to tournaments and feel that in order to compete with Hawk I’d need to develop a sub character for counter picking his worst match ups. Unfortunately I just don’t have the aptitude or time to split my focus between multiple characters at the moment and it seemed that I’d be much better off just shifting to a different character who doesn’t have the same problem. Probably influenced by the fact that my local is single elim.

Yeah, it’s sad that someone can just counterpick you with Blanka every time and not even be good with him and still give solid Hawks fits. Shouldn’t skill be the main determining factor in matches? Hello, I’m talking to you Capcom. Do they even know how ridiculous this matchup is?

Course I’m still rocking Hawk in 2012. He’s still fun.

Yes. The characters that could change my choice are not in the game and I love Hawk’s look and background.

Competitively, no. I plan on getting much more serious about competing. His worst matchups got worse and he gained no tools to deal with them. Deejay, gouken, blanka, and guile are going to be very difficult. (especially with guile/deejay.)

I’ll play t. hawk as a side character because i’ve played him for so long and I enjoy his playstyle. However to play seriously in competition I don’t think is going to be practical. I’ll more than likely make the switch back to zangief if I need a grappler, but my focus will be on honda.