Will you get laughed at for using a controller when playing fighting games?


Just been wondering as a gamer who loves playing the SF series…

i used to play with an arcade stick back in the WW/CE/HF of SF2… but when it finally hit consoles, i became use to playing with my SNES and Playstation controllers…even till this day id use a controller to play online competitively such as SF2HD, GGPO, SSF4 etc…

what are your thoughts on it? Also capcom have SF4 made controllers… do some use them in tourneys as well?

for those who are wondering, I currently use XFX controllers :razz:




Stick to what you’re comfortable with, is what I say. Who gives a shit if people laugh at you. When u beat their ass, WHEN IT MATTERS (mid tournament, money match, etc)…that laughter will turn into respect quicker than you can ever imagine.




been watching too many high leveled gamers using an arcade stick…and been questioning myself, at some point… but you’re right, what matters is kicking ass at it!



You won’t get laughed at, no, but you may be at a disadvantage. I think Fighting GM proved that it’s viable at MLG today in Tekken 6, eliminating both Nin and Knee, one after the other, to go on to face Holeman in the finals and put up a pretty good fight, using the stock PS3 gamepad. Nin, Knee and Holeman were all using sticks.

However, I would imagine that if you ever got to a high level with a pad there would be a lot of people at tournaments telling you that you could improve much further through the use of a stick, which is very likely true.


Very true…and it would be inspiring…its just im too comfortable with a controller now :frowning: if only i could’ve saved enough for an SNES arcade stick years ago… btw thats a crazy tekken player!


I would hope not. I don’t see how someone can consider themselves above you due to a difference in playing tools.

I play on a standard pad, but I wouldn’t mind getting an Arcade stick. Even still, I don’t think a pad is bad at all.


Anyone who will laugh at you for using a legit controller is worthless trash as a human being and should be ignored.

Unless you’re cheating via macros or turbo, you should be fine. Inthul perfected Sanford on pad and a lot of people I know that aren’t arcade scene prefer pad as well and can do everything on pad easily. You love playing fighting games on pad and you’re used to it, I don’t see a reason for that to change.


if your that scared about using a pad in public then they’re going to laugh at you anyway. regardless if you play on a pad or not.


It’s kind of naive for someone to think that you’re automatically better if you switch to a stick.

If you can get your moves to come out 100% on a pad since that’s what you’re used to, then there is no reason to transition to sticks. If somebody can get their moves and strategies out 100% of the time using a guitar controller, then why should they switch? Sure it can be argued that the game was designed to be played with sticks and thus the moves should be inherently easier to perform with one. But in the end it all comes down to your ability to be consistent with your inputs and playstyle.

Even if you lose, as long as you pulled off your links, combos, punishers, etc. consistently, then people should realize that you’re a contender and not just somebody who doesn’t “know better” (to use a stick).

PS: In the Tekken community it’s not as unusual if you use pad since the games were so successful on PS1/PS2. It has much more of a pad base than SF.

PPS: Yes, MadCatz has made SF4 controllers. Just Google “Madcatz Fightpad”.


People will laugh, but it’s nothing to feel ashamed about. I remember there was a ‘pad Zangief’ who did well in a tournament and people were rolling. By the end of the day, it’s all fun and games. Who cares if someone doesn’t respect your game. You win, you win.


There are enough top pad players out there so that laughing at someone for using a pad is just stupid. If someone laughs at you, tell them to laugh at alioune, wolfkrone, Inthul, etc…


I play on both and I can honestly say that I am more self aware of my execution faults on a stick rather than a pad. I tend to mash less (or at least attempt to do so) when I use a stick as well. But there is not very many downsides to using a pad, and we have all seen people climb the ranks at tournies using regular ol’ xbox and ps controllers. The skill comes from the player.

People buy $3000.00 guitars in the hopes they can sound like Kieth Richards or Eddie Van Halen but don’t even sound close. The skill is in the hands of the player.


not if you win. you might find once you get accustomed to using a stick your game will improve faster though.


Didn’t fanatiq hustle some guy at Marvel since the dude saw him (fanatiq) with a pad and challenged him to a money match with some good odds?


It doesn’t matter as much as people make it seem like. I picked up a ps3 pad for the first time in at least 4 years yesterday. I play rose and I was able to pull off a c.lp,c.lk,c.mp,spark,fadc,ultra,c.hp,hp.reflect,soul throw in a match in like 20 minutes worth of play. The only real disadvantage I could notice is that srk motions are a little harder and I had NO idea how to plink a c.mp…I’m sure people can get creative with their button mappings to take care of that though.


The simple answer: No.


Crow won Evo back in 2007 with a pad in Tekken 5.

Inthul is a beast with Fei-Long on a pad in SSF4.

Fuck the haters. I play stick, but that doesn’t mean I am automatically better than a pad player.


It shouldnt matter what your holding to play the game. The real skill is in the player not his devices.


Fei Long is just way better on pad as rekkas are hard on sticks

no worries dude I feel more competitive in hdr with pad also

those fight pads are just rebranded 6 button genesis controllers, bah my fingers are too used to the psx/snes set up with my own button config

i’ve transitioned to stick, love my round 2, but yeah it makes no diff

I play brawl with the classic controller


Are sticks really that much better than pads, or do people just buy them so they’ll have an easier time playing in an arcade? I use the default X360 controller with the default button layout (with a busted LB button no less) and I’ve never found myself wishing, “Boy I wish I had a stick right now.” Then again I don’t play at the competitive level so that probably means something.