Will you still main Vega when SSFIV is released tonight?

??? I will still main him, but I’ll definately try out a few other fighters, like Adon.

adon is going to suck.he seems to be a straightforward 50 50 character.

Vega will always be my main. Im currently using Adon as my back up. I also added Cody and Dudley to my clan.

Hell yeah man. Installing the game right now! Going straight into training mode with the Vegz.

Vega Main
Adon Sub

As you can see in my sig i am going to be vega, ibuki, and abel. ibuki is so much damn fun but i dont think anyone will replace vega as a main for me

The overhead for Vega is actually really nice I have found and there are some differences that i can feel but can’t explain. SC is better then BHC by a mile so that is also new. However playing the new characters it just seems like they flow really nice and playing Ibuki is extremely fun so I may downgrade Vega from secondary to just a well known character seldom played. Still pretty boring compared to his CvS and ST counterpart.

Still will continue to main him but am looking towards Adon & Juri as well.

funny how everyone says U2 is better than U1 but so FAR about 90 % of vega players on the replay list have used U1.

i GOT SUPER babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!

Damn all u who have it allready…lol
And yea Jay i believe u on the U1 part haha

Vega 4 Lyfe

lma0oo0 !!

ughh… I think I have to wait another week before I can grab SSF4. Still maining Mr. Beautiful.

Forever and always Vega, thinking of Dan as a second. Y’know, for those matches when you aren’t feeling it besides it makes losing fun ^-^

Who knows, I might try out something new. T-Hawk or Makoto come to mind.

Vega was my main before, and he is now. Using SC just for fun, not sure if better yet.

I am too handsome to main anyone else, however Ibuki is tempting for a back up.

Same here, Far to handsome but Ibuki is really fun… I cant let people think our Claw is a throw away character

Almost cried today facing Ken. Cross-up and kara-throw mindgames are too brutal.

U2 will take people a while to adjust to it is a decent AA which vega needs and it can combo off of CH. U1 is still only good for punishing fireballs. Its forward launcher range is limited and can be jabbed out of so to me it is basically the same.