Will you stop playing 3s when SFIV comes out?

Just curious. I don’t have a next gen console and I think 3s is a lot of fun so I plan to keep playing it for awhile. What about you guys?


Not a chance in the world.

Its possible to play more than one game lol. No chance I’m dropping 3s

I will still play all the same games.

no as ono said
"… In other words, Street Fighter IV is easy to start up with, and if newcomers play it and reach a professional level, those players may be able to move onto Street Fighter III."

Hmm. never heard that. I like it! I really love 3s, but a lot of people I know are going on and on about how once SF4 comes out, 3s is going to die off. Good to know some folks are sticking with it! :woot:

I thought about this and I’m not completely sure.

The only way I’d stop playing 3’s completely is if I’m absolutely blown away by 4’s. I’ve never played it yet so we’ll see.

I am so sad.
Been playing 3S since it was released in arcade but only got serious about learning the game a year and a half ago. I’m from Toronto, Canada where the only big arcade downtown closed last year. Now I’ve moved to Melbourne, Australia for a while and there are a few good arcades fairly close. Since getting here I’ve had a chance to play against Hong, a top Dudley player, nice guy too, while he was still here but now he’s moved back to China. My main is Gouki and I was praying that I’d have a chance to learn from PaulT (top Gouki in Australia while he was here) but supposedly he also moved back to China a little while ago. Now the scene is dead here.

SF4 is cool and getting cooler as I play it but damn it, 3S is my game! Friggin focus attacks and dash cancels. SF4 can be so slow… fireball, fireball, wait, jump, uppercut, wait, fireball… bla bla bla. Give me parries and a million different useful Raging Demon set ups.

Ok sorry about the rant. To properly answer the topic, I will keep playing 3S as long as there are players who will play. I’ll even settle for a Third Strike cab in good condition with nothing more than the stupid computer to battle.

Occasionally I imagine a 3S revival being sparked by SF3: 3rd Strike HD with lagless online play. A man can dream right?

That would be so sweet. Or better yet a re-release of Third Strike with new characters/balances & tweaks. I’d take that over SF4 any day.

Who knows maybe Capcom might do that but it’ll probably be YEARS before it happens… (If it does)

Well new characters would really change things but ala SF2HD they certainly could put in some balance tweaks. They’d have to keep lots of things the same to retain the authenticity of the game but a fresh coat of paint and lagless online would be so dope!!

I’ve put too much time, money and effort in 3rd strike to just put it down. I’m gonna be playing the hell outta SF4 though.

let the people who miss sf2, or are tired of 3s play sf4, or the people who were excited for it. sf4 doesn’t need to absorb the 3s scene to be a success, and really that is what is so cool about it.



No, but that’s just because I don’t have a PS3… But if I did, I don’t think I would quit but I’d probably zone out in SFIV.

It’s gonna be fun when scubs find out how much harder SFIV is going to be to get good at.

Oh and yes…I’m done with 3rd Strike. Until tomorrow.

Look at my username.


That should answer the topic question.


SFIII is one of the most technical game I’ve played. So No.
3rd Strike for life!