Will you stop playing 3s when SFIV comes out?

I haven’t quit playing 3S since SF4 came out last summer, and I’m not planning on quitting the game any time soon. 3S is just more appealing and fun to me than SF4, as well as the characters.

I’m a lifer to this game.

I don’t know a lot about SF4 (I’ve been kinda absorbed in 3s!) but I’ve heard that the gameplay is a little closer to SF2’s, which seems like a bit of a step back (and I’ve been playing SF since WW). Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’m kinda hoping that won’t be the case as it’s kinda why I dont’ really play ST much. I spent SO Much time on SF2WW/CE/HF that once SSF2 and ST came out and it was the same thing, I kinda groaned a bit inside.


i keep forgetting not everyone has played sf4. if you had you wouldn’t worry about people quitting 3s for it. even most of the people who are playing it allot right now still like 3s more as far i know.

i hate hearing this in the general strategy forum just cuz this is comin from ppl who PLAY 3s (not referring to you DoctaMario)

3s isnt going anywhere for a RLY long time

3rd strike will never die.

i hope they NEVER make an HD remix or whatever for 3rd strike. it would be a waste, and an insult - the game is just too sick as is.

^^I wasn’t super impressed with HDR quite honestly. It looks like they used a GTA art style on a lot of the people and it just made me chuckle a bit.

Seriously, some of us have spent WAY TOO MUCH effort (I know I have) into learning this game, and saying that the game should die out, would make no sense. I’m not going to deny that the community IS going to lose a lot of players, but really, that isn’t going to be enough to stop it entirely. Third Strike is not just another fighting game to me, this installment of Street Fighter is really special and nostalgic for me. What other game has had something as epic as the Daigo parry, J’s double perfect on Kokujin, Kuroda’s Shinkuu Hadouken red parry into Gigas (If you haven’t seen this, youtube Kuroda Hugo), RX level comebacks, and so forth.

I’ve been playing SF4 a lot anyway, it’s good, but 3S is way more fun IMO.

did sf 2 die out when the multitude of street fighters after it came? im not quitting…ill play harder if anything knowing some would slack for 4, not that i wont get into 4(which ive already played and liked).

I will quit SF4 to play more 3S.

My good friend Mr. Bean made a great post about the health of the 3s scene in the CR results thread…

Keep playing, keep practicing, and keep learning, no matter what. If you have friends interested in 3s, teach them. Lots of people are still training and competing, so there’s no reason why this game can’t stay hot for a long time. De4dEyE is godlike

i don’t play as much because i just want to play 4 lately
but i’m sure once i actually get a hold of 4, i’ll miss 3rd strike

i love the game

Once my Q hits Kuroda status I might quit. Probably not though, Akuma and Hugo look fun too…

every akuma player plays q on the side

Man, I only discovered 3S in summer 2006 lol and “got serious about it” on summer 2007 so there’s no way I’m dropping this gem. Still too much things to learn!
Of course when I get SF4, I’ll play heavily on the first weeks, but the community is still here, the competition is still here and that’s what’s up.

Hugo is like my second character of choice now, and I’m telling you, he is WAY too fun. Once I learned tachi gigas, Hugo became one of the best fighting characters that I’ve ever played with IMO.

already drifting away from 3s. eventually i will be off of it. sf4 makes 3s look like just a game to fuck around with. kinda like when i went from marvel to 3s.

I’ll always play 3s, it was the first fighter that got me into this whole scene. I’ll play SF4 too, but I won’t forget my roots.

HD 3rd Strike wouldn’t work unless all they do is graphically update the game so I can play it on an HDTV. Like just keep the original sprites and make them higher res and spruce them up just a slight bit. None of that completely new animation stuff. If it took as long as it did for HD Remix to come out on the consoles I can’t imagine how long it’ll take to do a re-drawn HD Remix style version of a game where a shoto’s hadoken animation has like 13 seperate animation frames. They would never EVER get done with the artwork. Let alone have time to actually balance anything in the game in a time to get it out to people before PS5 comes out.

Hell…they had to tone down the animation significanly for HD Remix just to get the game to come out on time. The characters were actually looking way more detailed in earlier projects. Now they look like a typical Sat morning anime. Which isn’t bad, but it’s not really as impressive as it could have been. HD Remix looks good more just because it’s in HD than to say that the artwork is truly spectacular or anything.