Williamsburg VA

Anything going on as far as SSF4 clubs around here? Looking for local tourneys and a group to practice with. I’m kind of a noob, just got the game a few weeks ago, but i’ve got most of the basics down with my main

I don’t k know of anyone who plays there, not to discourage you from searching though (Williamsburg llurkers, that’s yor cue to post up). It’s like the void between Richmond and Hampton Roads.

Yeah I wouldn’t mind traveling to newport news, but chesapeake seems a bit too far, as does richmond

See this post. You could probably coax a few people at Atomic Comics to play SF4 with you. I know they have a few players on that side of the water… Most of the SF players are on the southside though.

How’s the drive to Norfolk?

I live in Newport News. Is that close enough? I once met some guys from that College of William and Mary at Atomic Comics; and they were playing SSFIV:AE2012. Then put on SFxT and I left. Your best bet is figuring out whether this college club does local gatherings. I just drive down to Virginia Beach/Chesapeake/Norfolk because I don’t want to play Marvel…

Seragard, still looking for AE players? They exist in NN. They all just have to be coaxed to come out at the same time.

I’m in Newport News, still a complete noob, but I have SS4AE and SFxT and access to Injustice. I wanna learn and train and get better. Possibly EVO in future??? IDK

What are you looking to train at though, all three of those?

Main focus would be SF4. Even dabble in SFxT. Injustice is for giggles cause I don’t own an xbox, BUT I have access to it whenever I want.

Cool. The SFIV scene around is pretty active, dedicated, and helpful, so you will learn a lot if you can make it out to any sessions. If traveling to this side of the water is no issue for you, tomorrow (and every Tuesday night) we play at Winners Sports Bar in Norfolk from 6:00 pm to
midnight-ish. You’ll get lots of Injustice, some SFIV, and some KOFXIII there. Also, our weeklies at the Replays on Lynnhaven Parkway just began last Sunday. That runs on Sundays from 5:30pm to 11:00 or 12:00, which has lots of SFIV, UMVC3, and KOFXIII

Every Friday, Blackula hosts at his apartment in Chesapeake for mainly Injustice and Tekken, but a decent number of SF heads show there too, including myself.

If you can’t make it to the southside, from time to time, some of the Marvel players closer to you host for Marvel, SFIV, and Injustice. Like Snakeheart said, you’ll have to coax them all to come out, which isn’t too hard. The best way to keep track of everything is to join the facebook group. Just about everyone does all networking there. People don’t use the forums anymore, sadly.

Here’s the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/217040528309206/

As for SFxT, the only person in Hampton Roads who would even touch that is me.