Williamsport, MD 11/8

O.K. guys here’s the results.


1st - Drew “Kono” Loken
2nd - Josh “HaroHaro” Leung
3rd - Jason “Orangemegaslide” Henderson
4th - Anthony “Gimpy” Gilbert
5th - Anthony "Destin"
5th - Eric “Shinshay/Ericthared” Lee
7th - Daniel “gwyrgyn blood” Thompson
7th - Mike “Masaka” Creque

O.K. Well Drew…let me know hwere I need to make corrections on the KOF list. I could have sworn you had 10 players and Mike placed higher but I could be wrong? This is the only thing I have on the bracket sheets.


1st - Mike “Masaka” Creque
2nd - Eric “Shinshay/Ericthared” Lee
3rd - Drew “Kono” Loken
4th - Derrick “Chosen_One” Quander
5th - Shawn “C-GOD” Johnson
5th - Tom “Tomass” Newlin
7th - Dan “Dangief” Davies
7th - Anthony “Gimpy” Gilbert
9th - Steve “Krost” Nichols

Note: Steve and Mike had to fight the extra game due to an odd number of entries.


1st - Drew “Kono” Loken
2nd - Anthony “Destin” Chimack
3rd - Tom “Tomass” Newlin
4th - Shawn “C-GOD” Johnson
5th - Mike “Masaka” Creque
5th - Dane “Dane” Zacot
7th - Dan “Dangief” Davies
7th - Jimmy “YoJimbo” Smith
9th - Johan "gunjack fever"
9th - Jarrod Pauley
9th - Dan “gwyrgyn blood” Thompson
9th - Josh “haroharo” Leung
13th - Josh “Cuervo” Renoe
13th - Sunny “IplayGGXX/IplayCVS2” Siu
13th - Casey “Tatsuya” Whitaker
13th - Jarvi “QuakeII_Best” Carrasquero
17th - Andrew "ssbomberman"
17th - Eric “Shinshay/Ericthared” Lee
17th - Steve “Krost” Nichols
17th - David “ShangTsung” Chen
17th - Ilijia "Okita"
17th - Dan Signorini

Note: Josh “haroharo” Leung won his match against Jimmy “YoJimbo” Smith and had to leave early. The match was awarded to Jimmy in default. For the next tournament seeding, Josh will assume Jimmy 7th/8th seeding.


1st - Isaac “Tyranidman” Graham
2nd - Victor
3rd - Pete “DHGTempest” Luong
4th - James Wong
5th - Manuel
5th - Josh “haroharo” Leung
7th - Eric “Shinshay/Ericthared” Lee
7th - Tom “Tomass” Newlin
9th - Johan "gunjack_fever"
9th - Jarvi "QuakeII_Best"
9th - Andy “ssbomberman” Calvin
9th - Dan Signoini
13th - Derrick “Chosen_One” Quander

3rd Strike

1st - Eric “Shinshay/Ericthared” Lee
2nd - Khang "exodus"
3rd - Johan “gunjack_fever”

Note: I have no idea where the hell the 3rd Strike brackets went to? Did anyone take them with them? I’ll double check, they might be lying around somewhere.

First of all, thanks to Shawn and his wife for hosting this awesome tournament. I had a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too. Nice meeting a lot of people, seeing Chosen_One try to own me in Marvel, lol, and seeing James Wong beast people again. Hahaha… Good shit to everyone, especially Victor and Isaac 'cause they were the only ones to beat me.

Good shit to both Khang and Eric in 3rd Strike. Glad to see you guys trying to get along over that dumb shit. Khang is still the best though… cause he’s Asian. Eric’s only half-Asian, so he’s only half-good. :lol:

My Iron Man had to beast a lot of people… including Johan back at the house… 'cause I had perfected him. :smiley:


JAMES WONG!! :eek:

Red Lobster that shit, Khang… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks much to Meowth for helping James, Victor, and I on winning our matches. Meowth, the Maryland mascot. :cool:

This tourney was great. I hope more people can show up for 3S, not MVC2. :smiley:

i played like shit fellas. :frowning:
good games Drew, Josh, and to everyone else.
i had alot of fun, aswell as a rude awakening to my rustiness in the game.
and Drew, the casual was fun, and it was cool to meet you.
i wanted to get some casual matches against Josh too…

playing some A3 casual was fun too. watch out for my X-Adon! i don’t blame my wins for my skill… but for your lack of it. :lol: naw i’m playin.

watching the 3rd strike finals and grudge match, was entertaining.

watching all the excitement over GGXX, has me interested in learning the game. now i just need to go buy it.

and thanks to Shawn for hosting. the pizza was fucking good.

:smiley: Pete you know my Dan owns your whole team!! :wink:

pete: she’s allergic to shellfish. :frowning:

Yo what system is KOF on.:smiley:

^— Dreamcast. And I played like ass. CvS2 tournament next tourney please?

Yeah, I know, D. :lol: :eek:

Khang, sorry to hear that… maybe Bertucci’s… :wink:

OrangeMegaSlide, as many times as I tiger uppercutted your Adon, he still lived? That’s a Marvel glitch, playa’. :confused:



-DHG :stuck_out_tongue: