Williamsport, MD Jan 18th Results






what the goddamned fuck? :confused:

i swear, he’s retarded or something. :rolleyes:


yeah he is :frowning:


Shawn…I know I’m all late showing up to the thread and shit, but I want to chime in on the props and many ty’s to you and April for having everyone over. It was cool as hell seeing you guys again, and cool seeing a decent snowfall, too. Everything we get down my way is a shitty overnight dusting that’s gone by morning. I can’t blame you for throwing in the towel on having these things at home, though…no matter how many good intentions there are, with that many people in the house something’s gonna get ruined.
For the brackets…I swear to God, if I get Fennell’s Blanka in the first round one more time I’ll shoot myself.
Tom…I didn’t even get to say 'sup until we were leaving, practically, sorry bro, next time we gotta at least get in free play while we wait for XXX player to finish their other match. Hopefully next time we won’t have to cut out so early.
To all others, was great to see that many peepz turn out, look forward to another, perhaps one of koop’s ‘gatherings’…propz to the silver spring crew.


Blanka loves you. He died for your sins.


Why the fuck couldn’t he have stayed dead then?! And why does he keep fighting? He’s got all them goddamn coconuts and melons and shit that he likes to throw at people, next time I take Dante at character select :mad:


aw shit i just remembered when i blew that match against Tom, when my A-Guy jumped into his V-Sim’s yoga flame. everybody was like “OOoo0ooh”

i thought that shit was the yoga fire yo.

i probably could have placed, if i’d gotten past that one.


Who needs the E.A. when Maryland has guys like Isacc ,and Eric.:lol: Congrats to you both… for placing 1st… holding it down for your “own” rep… and the MD area.

Thank you C God for hold a great tournament. (even though I missed it…)
Dam! Maryland just lost to Duke.:mad:


That was classic, we needed a camcorder.


I knew then we were in the rural area…especially when we ended up in West Virginia:eek: :eek: with at bridge that had a sign that said


lmfao…shyt was hilarious oh damn David cant forget when everybody tensed up when we walked in McDonalds…“oh damn…colored folk” :lol:

but the chick in the lil gas station didnt care…rung me up for 1 drink instead of two…must of knew bout koop :cool:


Props was given out to everyone who showed - but what about the people who didn’t show? Bmorechun, Will Martin, Tommykid, Eric v., darrick Perez, and the other usual gametimers. Granted a lot of gametimers did come, but those who didn’t show were the shit talkers and so everyone got along too well at this tourney. Ya’ll would be glad to know the space where gt is still vacant cause nothing could replace its power and ernesto told me landmark mall (where I first started my sf world back in 1991) now has a buncha capcom fighters such as 3rd strike, mvc2 and some others. Perhaps the old crew has a new place now.

I’m happy I got top 5 in every tourney I entered, not bad for not playing for nearly a year, so I will def. go to Texas showdown now. Alpha 3 was the funnest of all the games as usual (it was where I got this nickname after all). Sparatik; what is black ice? Is it delicious and what drink goes well with it? You get my stool I forgot? the whole drive back I knew i forgot somehting. I need a hand getting my xbox to play all those emulated games, someone help or getting the right controller adpater to work with my pc emulator. Anyhow good console tourney. Later.


LOL! You mean that shit still exists? Just come to my place…you’ll be safe here. I have an attack guinea pig. LOL!


black ice
A thin, nearly invisible coating of ice that forms on paved surfaces.

and kiks, i totally forgot the stool. Blame it on will hailstock for rushing me to leave.

you need to get the xbox modded before it can play the games.


BTW…I found a small little black stool. I’m assuming it’s yours? I’ll hold on to it and your welcome to come get it or have someone get it for you whenever you want.


Remember when betting on Marvel whitey seems like a good bet but always put it on the Jew because they know how to make that cash :cool:.




To C-god or khang, I forgot to collect my 3rd place winnings for 3rd strike. Tell me if I should go to city place mall and have it given it to me. a good byproduct is i’ll get to own more.


kikin: come to city place – i’ll play you for that money :smiley:




Oh man…these were the days. Who knows where C-GOD is now?