Williamsport, MD Jan 18th Results


wedgies ryucross and Beast of Fire Hoo hoo! scampers off


Grayham is too good.


psychic DP on your wedgie

See you on Saturday, ya fag.


psychic melvin in response to the dp You’re gonna bring me cookies, right?


I ain’t bringin’ shit except my stick and a whole bunch of whoop-ass. :wink:


Canned or in a keg?



It was sarcasm, but you’re right, I should’ve kept this at HerV… I was seriously out of it when I posted.

Just let us know whenever you guys are able to travel. We really wanna play you guys. Besides Ultra Ky playing the Testament player, we didn’t play any of the rest of you.


Damn… isaac “Tyraniddatass” Grahm… too F’N powerful… GGRRRR wish i been there… fuck damn snow again… MSP?.. grin guess someone got INFINITE to death hahah no Pun indenteded …

o well isaac we gotta play someday… work and school killin meeh… heard this tourny was great… and alot of turnouts…

Congrats to all the winners and placers…

Next tourny in MD, garentee Pungzanator or Da Pungsta will be there… raised right hand and left hand on the bible … damn but i ain’t christian, catholic or protestant… eh but you get my point …


rush that fat down


BTW anyone know where I can get that Official GGXX joystick?

Thank god I didn’t get sick. I thought that ECC8-esque after-tourney sickness was coming back again.


isaac is my <3

he repped us VA kids well


lotsa love to all my Team Serious brothaz, esp my 100% african-american nigga jake for baggin that 2nd place platter for The EMPIRE and hookin us up with waffle house. (where i promptly stole 3 bottles of heinz 57 sauce…yeah)

further shoutouts go to Destin and his serious Dizzy…and his “i can block bridget” cheating…lol…too good. its on in ohio man…practice up!!

cant forget Kenji. soooo beastly. with the serious infinite tension meter. just play a gold/ex character and be done with it…jesus.

Hail to Arturo for provin that i woulda won that bet with tomass if he hadnt welshed on it. not to mention the sickening 3s mind games…

AND THE ONE DAY SOL!!! ONE DAY!!! guided by Team Serious, Art tears it up in his first time EVER playing another person in GGXX. im feelin a future team serious brotha!!!

thnx to c-god for the hostage…even tho his basement gave us SARS.

ill catch most of you cats in ohio, and the rest at the break and at march madness

“what was that gorilla’s name?..oh yeah, AMY, amy was that gorilla’s name…heeeaaall yeaaaaaah!!!”


This has nothing to do with your quote Pungza, just wanted to ask you for your mailing address. The money came back to me as incorrect address. I need to know if you want to pick it up Thursday at CTF or could you just send the address to me again.

ZeldaL, Arturo, Jake, and Infinite. Congratulations for placing in the name of the Empire. You all fought well and represented. Three 2nds, and two 1st. The year is starting out well. I apologize for missing out the last two days, problems with the Nintendo project, I was not able to get back online. I will hear from you all in the near future. The re-registrations are coming up. I will post first week of Feb. To let everyone know the date. I will also email everyone in the Empire know what are the requirements that you will need to bring. Everyone must be imputted into EMPAC. As for some of you, you should already know that the site is coming up soon and we are using a new system. Until then.





Best pic ever.


The official GGXX joystick is not good, trust me. Go with the SC2 stick from hori.


Yea that shit was nuts… random patch of black ice almost owned us FOR GOOD. Remember when I told you and Will that I wanted to go sliding around in the maxima? I really need to be fucking careful of what I wish for. :sweat:


Damn…y’all definitely dodged the god of p-w-nage. Now that it’s over…

Sorry y’all. gotta teach the power of OWNED PICTURES.


First to all, thanks again C-God and April for having us down… it is always a pleasure to be there and you guys just make it better and better every time.

The whole tournament was cool, and while it lasted forever (and I had to wait for 4 hours between my 1st and my 2nd match in GGXX). It was awesome.

Xerlic: thanks for staying over and teach me a couple more things about the game. It was awesome having you by and you can stay here anyday.

Isaac & MvC2 people: Thanks for all the support on MvC2, including the couple of bets placed on me. Those side bets were the truth. And that guile player (spartik?)… man your guile is evil.

Kono: Where was your Millia yesterday? :confused: I certainly enjoy seeing your crazy mix-ups/cross-ups games . I guess I just want to learn some more moves for my Millia. I did like your eddie… but I simply like Millia much more, nice to see you again.

Pitt players: It was nice to see you again. I’m trying to work out tournaments dates so you can come by again, maybe making a much bigger tourney. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

ChaCha: Thanks for running the brackets so efficiently. Too bad you had to eliminate me.

James, Josh, Ryan: It is always good to see you again, Josh your Faust is really picking up, you shouldn’t put it aside completely.

I could go on and on about everyone in the tournament… like Neil, Mellanie, SBZ, Tomass, Arturo… and basically everyone in the tourney but it would take me forever. I just hope we can see in the next tourney.


Not to cause any trouble or anything… but was the winnings of GGXX tourney calculated wrong? Kenji said he only got $160… there was 48 people… x $6 entree fee x 70% = $201…